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Stas Piekha responded to rumors about moving to his father in Lithuania

Information appeared on the Web that allegedly Stas Piekha moved to his father, who lives in Vilnius. At the same time, it is known that the musician began to communicate with the parent only at a conscious age (they had not been in contact before that). The artist responded to the spread rumors.

Stas Piekha is shocked by the gossip, because he has not emigrated anywhere and does not plan to. The singer, of course, communicates with his father, but he rarely sees him.

“I think that such conversations appeared when Russian celebrities went abroad. They just wanted to compromise me somehow, to make me an outcast. But the problem is that my father lives in Lithuania, where the Russian artist is treated extremely negatively. Yes, I support my father financially as best I can, sometimes I inquire about his health, but no more. We never really communicated with him, we did not live together. Therefore, it would be strange to go to his father in Lithuania.

No, I’m not going anywhere from Russia. I would go somewhere to rest for ten days, and I want to go to the mountains, and we have good ones. In general, I have a dream to go to the Dagestan mountains. Now I’ll gain strength, after the season of allergies, covid, and equip myself, ”said the 41-year-old performer.

Yes, and how would Stas leave, leaving his mother, grandmother and son Petya. The artist would not be able to leave his minor child.

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