Son of Georgina Rodriguez and CR7 shows controversial detail that annoys the couple’s fans

Son of Georgina Rodriguez and CR7 shows controversial detail that annoys the couple's fans

Georgina Rodriguez and also Cristiano Ronaldo recently became information after their arrival in Saudi Arabia, a country that obtained them as their brand-new residence. Nevertheless, on this event, one of the footballer’s kids has gotten on every person’s lips for a particular things that he carries on his body.

The model boasted of her children and shared a snapshot of the kids on her Instagram account where the youngest of the kids, Mateo, shows up, providing his 8-month-old sibling Bella Esmeralda a tender kiss, and also although a number of the followers discussed how emotional the picture was, or others observed that the little boy is using a jewelry in his ear, so they did not wait to open up a debate in the remark box.

“Does the 5-year-old child actually have an earring?”,” How unfortunate that moms and dads put those things on their kids “, “It might be a magnet”, “Yes. Just how bad to place that on a youngster”,” I do not see the problem with having a jewelry “, “It shocked me too. It is normal to see in adult men, however in such a toddler it is unreasonable”, “What is the issue? They put earrings on women from birth “, are some of the comments that read in the message.


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The image of the businesswoman showed the little boy’s preference for precious jewelry, similar to his renowned daddy, and also it is that, similar to the Portuguese soccer player, the kid boasts of a ruby in the wattle of his left ear, actually, it coincides place where Cristiano typically uses his huge earrings.

Mateo is not the only one that has actually determined to adhere to in his father’s fashion footsteps, as his older bro, Cristiano Jr., has additionally brought the style of the captain of the Portuguese Soccer Team, in addition to comply with the same interest of his papa for soccer.

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