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SNL is Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan Reunite In Alice is Wonderland Bakery

Screen Rant has the satisfaction of providing an exclusive sneak peek from a future episode of Alice’s Wonderland Bakery, called “Meet the Tweedles,” which airs July 1 on Disney Channel and also Disney Junior. In the episode, Alice seeks advice from Tweedle Do and also Tweedle Don’t – portrayed by SNL favorites Vanessa Bayer as well as Bobby Moynihan, who retired from the show in 2017. As shown by their names, the recommendations they give concerning whether she should come to be the royal baker is rather inconsistent.

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery premiered February 9, 2022 on Disney Junior, working as a sequel to the 1951 animated timeless Alice in Wonderland. While several adjustments of the initial Lewis Carroll novel take a darker technique or relocate the personality to a different setup completely, this computer-animated Disney sequel rather complies with the great-granddaughter of the initial Alice Pleasance Liddell, who is additionally called Alice as well as that works at the comfy Wonderland Bakery. Throughout the episodes, she connects with and also experiences numerous pals that take part in her magical treats – sometimes resulting in odd yet remarkable side effects.

In the exclusive Alice’s Wonderland Bakery clip given by Disney Junior, Alice (Libby Rue) asks Tweedle Dee (Bayer) and Tweedle Don’t (Moynihan) for aid in making her hard choice. The Tweedles instantly take out their rating board and also begin going through a litany of dos and also do n’ts that puzzle the inadequate young baker greater than they motivate her. Check out the full clip below:

Alice as well as the Tweedles are disturbed by her buddies prior to also long, which is probably for the ideal. Kids and family members enjoying will additionally have plenty much more chances to appreciate Alice’s Wonderland Bakery and also probably be influenced to bake themselves, as the series has currently been renewed for a second period.

Besides Rue as Alice, the show additionally stars several offspring of precious Disney personalities. Key cast participants include CJ Uy as “crazy hatter” boy Hattie; Jack Stanton as Fergie the White Rabbit; Abigail Estrella as Rosa, the Princess of Hearts; Secunda Wood as the wonderful cookbook Cookie, and Audrey Wasilewski as Alice’s pet dog feline Dinah. Prior to the interesting Saturday Night Live get-together with Bayer and Moynihan, Alice’s Wonderland Bakery has actually likewise organized a variety of celebrity guests from Craig Ferguson (The Late Show with Craig Ferguson) as the renowned Doorknob and Eden Espinosa (Broadway’s Wicked) as the Queen of Hearts to Donald Faison (Scrubs) as Harry the March Hare.

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