Silvia Pinal still can’t believe that Enrique Guzman is going to leave her part of his inheritance

Silvia Pinal still can't believe that Enrique Guzman is going to leave her part of his inheritance

Enrique Guzman left greater than one with their mouths open, after offering some declarations where he ensured that prior to his death he wanted to leave whatever in order, including his will. According to the singer, his wish was to include his ex-wife Silvia Pinal from him. These words got to the ears of the actress, who had nothing but words of gratitude for the papa of 2 of her kids.

Throughout a conference with various media electrical outlets in Mexico City, before taking a trip with her son Luis Enrique Guzman to Huatulco, to commemorate Alejandra Guzman’s birthday, the Mexican diva exposed what feels prior to the news of the Venezuelan-Mexican singer.

” Oh, just how adorable! Many thanks dude. I did not anticipate less, “commented the Mexican actress, giggling and before the electronic cameras of Venga la Alegría. In this way, the starlet indicated that she was not familiar with what Guzman claimed, till that moment.

Along with this, the queen of Mexican movie theater specified that she does not know what the goods that the vocalist will certainly leave her are, so she made it clear that she will accept anything that he wants to offer her. “I don’t recognize what he has. I would ask him for anything,” said the actress. For her part, she showed that she can most likely also consider him one of his beneficiaries.

Silvia clarified that she might not address the question of whether Guzman was the fantastic love of her life, because she is numerous and also still active points can still take place that interfere with that solution.” I still lack life, so I can’t state that. I do not know, I’m healthy, I’m strong, I have a great deal of woollen, I feel like I’m Queen Elizabeth II,” Pinal described.

Silvia Pinal recognized as “The Woman of the Century”

The starlet received an excellent tribute to identify her comprehensive profession in film, movie theater as well as television. The queen was granted by the México en tus Manos Association and The One Exclusive agency as “The Woman of the Century”, for being one of the most impressive Mexican legends worldwide.

S ilvia was fairly thrilled to be honored at 91 years of age and also in addition to being accompanied by her good friends from the home entertainment globe such as Norma Lazareno, Isaura Espinoza, Tanya Vazquez, Jacqueline Andere, Sergio Mayer, Mary Paz Banquells and also their oldest little girl, Sylvia Pasquel.

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