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Shanae Ankney: 5 Things About ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Stirring Up Drama On Clayton’s Season

5 Issues

It wouldn’t be a season of ‘The Bachelor’ without some drama, and on season 26, Shanae Ankney is proving to be one of the ladies stirring up the most effort so some distance!

Tensions are excessive between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan on season 26 of The Bachelor! The drama between the ladies started one day of the Jan. 11 episode when Shanae instructed Clayton Echard that there have been “red flags” with Elizabeth, even calling her “two-confronted.” When Clayton approached Elizabeth with the troubles, she used to be very caught off guard. Elizabeth brought up how Shanae got very bodily with her one day of the earlier neighborhood date, nonetheless explained that she decided no longer to bring it up so the drama is also refrained from.

Sooner or later, Elizabeth confronted Shanae face-to-face. Shanae explained that she felt Elizabeth had a “mean girl vibe” because she “wouldn’t even discover” at her one day of a earlier dialog by the pool. Elizabeth explained that she struggles with having conversations with bigger than one person on legend of her ADHD, and the ladies went to and fro, airing out their points with every other. By the head of the episode, there used to be no resolve, and it appears that evidently this feud will raise into the Jan. 24 episode. For now, be taught more about Shanae under:

1. What Does Shanae Impression? 

Shanae in her promo picture for ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Shanae works as a recruiter in Ohio. She is the Director of Recruiting at, beforehand working as a Relationship Analyst at the firm. She has been with the firm since July 2015. is a personalised service shipping agency for mid-sized organizations. Before that, Shanae labored as an administrative assistant to a neurosurgeon at Ohio Enlighten University. She held the issue for 9 months in 2017.

2. Shanae Became Baptized In 2021

In November 2021, Shanae shared a picture of herself getting baptized. “This kind of serious day for me,” she wrote. “One among the ideally qualified days of my lifestyles.” Faith appears to be needed to Shanae, and she or he even describes herself as “faithful, patient and lovable” in her ABC bio.

3. Shanae Is A Licensed Cosmetologist

To boot to to her work with, Shanae is additionally an authorized cosmetologist. She does no longer promote her beautician work powerful, nonetheless her LinkedIn web impart references the license.

Shanae meeting Clayton for the first time on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

4. What Is Shanae Having a peruse For In A Accomplice? 

“[Shanae] is here to search out a man who can assist up with her in all aspects of lifestyles,” her ABC bio reads. “She is hunting for a man with self assurance that won’t smash time taking half in video games. She additionally values her independence, so whereas Shanae desires to make a lifestyles with somebody, she additionally wants somebody who encourages her to design the desires she has issue out for herself. Above all, Shanae wants in express to be herself with a man who will honor and salvage her for the gem that she is.”

5. Shanae Loves Christmas

Shanae loves Christmas so powerful that she retains her tree up all three hundred and sixty five days spherical! Needless to issue, attributable to how faith-primarily based she is, it’s about bigger than honest the lights and decorations for Shanae. A picture of her 2021 Christmas tree reveals one decoration entrance and heart that reads, “Jesus is the explanation leisurely the season.”

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