Shakira ends her vacation and returns to Spain to prepare her move

Shakira ends her vacation and returns to Spain to prepare her move

These will be extremely different end-of-year celebrations from those that the vocalist Shakira has spent in the last 12 years, since in addition to being divided from Gerard Pique she is currently preparing to move to Miami with her boys. Before moving to the Colombian home, she took a just vacation in Rome with Milan as well as Sasha.

The interpreter of” I congratulate you” has not havinged fun in recent times, given that along with dealing with the previous football player for the custody of his kids, he has actually been managing the continuous health regressions of his dad William Mebarack, that lately needed to be admitted to a health center.

This Monday Shakira returned to Spain at the El Prat airport terminal in Barcelona, where she was obtained by a great deal of followers who were waiting for her at the departure of the location. The artist is dealing with several feelings, she took the time to thank her followers for her support.

Shakira returned to Spain

In the company of her children, the interpreter spoke with her followers, took images and authorized some autographs and also constantly with a large smile on her face. As expected, the Colombian was additionally received by a group of journalists who attempted to clarify who is the individual who appears like Clara Chia who saw her home greater than a year earlier, however Shakira stayed silent and did not make an effort to remove it up

Although that the artist has actually not yet revealed when she will take the flight that will take her to Miami with her kids, it is anticipated that within the first weeks of January 2023 the vocalist of” Monotonia” will certainly say goodbye to Spain forever.

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