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Sean Penn, Discussing His Father-Daughter Film ‘Flag Day,’ Says: “Men Have, In My View, Become Quite Feminized”

Sean Penn is getting heaps of consideration for feedback he made the day earlier than on the new time in the Self reliant whereas promoting his newest movie, Flag Day.

The mission is Penn’s newest directorial effort, one whereby he moreover stars with accurate-existence daughter Dylan Penn. Per the autobiographical Flim-Flam Man: The Upright Myth of My Father’s Spurious Life written by Jennifer Vogel, Flag Day is relating to the unfamiliar bond between a daughter and a messed-up but charismatic father, John Vogel, who spent years in penal advanced for a bank robbery, used to be a smartly-behaved schemer and dreamer, and who grew to alter into the most notorious counterfeiter in U.S. history, single-handedly faking over $20 million.

Lower-off date’s reviewer, Pete Hammond called Penn’s personality “an underworld guy who feels he is continually actual one step a long way from the American Dream.”

Penn suggested the Self reliant he feels the Vogel is reflective of a particular “white American male entitlement” that he sees in the nation in this day and age. “Or reasonably, I must always soundless inform, [in the] belief that this American Dream that used to be promised [to] them entitles them to it. And that’s at risk of be a extraordinarily now now not easy wiring to actual.”

It’s possible in that context, and in the context of the movie’s relationship between a less-then-stellar father and his daughter, that Penn’s feedback were made, initiating alongside with his assertion that “there has been an absence of male habits” in society on the new time.

“I am in the club that believes that men in American tradition have change into wildly feminized,” Penn suggested the British publication i as he discussed the movie. “I don’t mediate that being a brute or having insensitivity or disrespect for girls is anything to enact with masculinity, or ever did. However I don’t mediate that [in order] to be magnificent to ladies, we must always soundless change into them.”

Asked about these feedback by the Self reliant, he acknowledged in but every other interview printed this week, “I mediate that men have, in my glimpse, change into reasonably feminized. I even have these very solid girls in my existence who enact now now not take hold of masculinity as a imprint of oppression toward them. There are heaps of, I mediate, cowardly genes that lead to folks surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.”

Lower-off date reached out to Penn’s reps, but they’d no additional comment.

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