Sara Corrales would confirm her relationship with Gabriel Soto with this romantic photo

For several months it has been speculated that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baevaended their engagement and that they cannot say that they broke up since both have advertising agreements that would be leading them to pretend that they are still together despite the fact that there are also rumors that They suggest that the actor would already be dating actress Sara Corrales.

Sara Corrales has been in trend due to her supposed romance with Gabriel Soto that would have arisen while they were recording the novel My path is to love you , and this Sunday the Colombian uploaded a photo that seems to confirm the new courtship.

Through her social networks, the actress from El Señor de los Cielos shared a series of photos, and hidden in the carousel was an image of her in the sea and out of focus was the hand of a man , whom her followers identified as Gabriel Soto.

“Which photo do you like the most? Have a happy night. #actress #gym #beach #saracorrales #meditation”, was the description of Sara’s post, which in a short time achieved more than 10,000 reactions and several comments.

“Gabriel’s hand”, ” The third where Gabriel is offering his hand “, “Now show us if it is Gabriel’s”, “Who is the 3rd you with Gabriel Soto?”, ” Yes it is Gabriel’s hand, check the photos that Irina took in the same position on the beach and her tattoo appears there ”, “Obvioooo Gabriel Soto”, “Sarita I like #3 better, that hand looks very good saying here I am for you… what God bless you in this new year and bring you great love from someone very special to you, a little hug”, were some of the comments received by Sara Corrales.

Until now, neither Gabriel Soto nor Sara Corrales have talked about a relationship between the two , however, their followers took this photo as confirmation that the love between them crossed the screen into real life.

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