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‘RHONJ’ Recap: Jackie Learns Jennifer’s Been Digging For Dirt On Evan


Jennifer sought comfort from the females after Bill’s affair turned into published at Teresa’s party, however few people felt execrable for her when they learned she had been digging for dirt on Jackie’s husband Evan.

Will Jennifer Aydin ever be taught? She turned into an emotional mess all around the Feb. 8 episode of The Exact Housewives of Fresh Jersey, after each person had learned that her husband, Bill, cheated on her several years within the past, however just some of the females had a laborious time feeling execrable for her after they learned she had been digging for dirt on Jackie Goldschneider‘s husband, Evan.

As viewers know, Teresa Giudice spread a rumor about Evan cheating on Jackie closing season. No proof of cheating turned into ever came all over, so the females moved on with their lives. Wisely… most of them did. This week, Margaret Josephs suggested each person that Jennifer had now no longer too lengthy within the past been digging for dirt on Evan, attempting to level to that the rumor turned into factual. And what makes it droll is that Jennifer is for the time being distraught over the proven truth that her husband’s occupy affair turned into published to the realm. Yet, she doesn’t assume that she did the relaxation depraved by digging for dirt on Evan.

When Jennifer turned into confronted at Dolores Catania‘s housewarming party (Dolores is renting a house while her house gets renovated), she mentioned she became extraordinarily uncommon after she heard Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank, might maybe know the girl Evan allegedly cheated on Jackie with. But each person suggested her that she must gather left it by myself. Especially since her occupy husband had as soon as cheated on her and she is aware of how hurtful infidelity can even be.

Jennifer didn’t delight in the model each person turned into coming at her — she staunch wanted sympathy for her occupy scenario — so she left Dolores’ party early… staunch as she did at Teresa’s after Bill’s affair turned into first uncovered. And what makes issues worse is sooner than Dolores’ party, Jennifer invited Jackie over to her house so she might maybe take a look at some recommendation from Jackie on how to handle an affair within the final public take a look at. Jackie swiftly reminded Jennifer that her husband’s “affair” turned into essentially based entirely totally on a rumor, and never in actuality came about, however Jackie liked that Jennifer turned into making an effort with her. Tiny did she know, however, that Jennifer turned into collected scheming within the support of her support. But now she is aware of. Everybody does, if truth be told, so Jennifer’s going to gather a laborious time getting reinforce from her co-stars. Especially since she’s spent years attacking Margaret as a cheater, and attempting to extinguish Jackie’s marriage.

In other RHONJ news, Gia Giudice went to battle with her Uncle, Joe Gorga, over stuff he’s mentioned about her dad, Joe Giudice. After a heated support-and-forth at Teresa’s party, they both determined to agree to disagree.

Desire more drama? Fresh episodes of The Exact Housewives of Fresh Jersey air Tuesdays at 8pm on Bravo.

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