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‘RHONJ’ Recap: Dolores Catania & Jackie Goldschneider Nearly Get Into A Physical Fight


A wrestle between Dolores and Jackie simply about grew to alter into bodily throughout the Feb. 15 episode of ‘RHONJ’, when Dolores discovered Jackie used to be questioning her loyalty.

Loyalty used to be a considerable subject discussed throughout the Feb. 15 episode of The Exact Housewives of Fresh Jersey. First, it came up when Jackie Goldschneider equipped some support to Jennifer Aydin, who’s gathered emotional over the indisputable truth that all people knows Bill cheated on her. Following Dolores’ dramatic win collectively final week, Jackie called Jennifer to study how she used to be doing after she stormed out in the course of a heated dialogue amongst the girls folks. Jennifer said she used to be inserting in there as handiest as she may perchance presumably well, and Jackie equipped to be a shoulder for her to shout on. Jackie also informed Jennifer that Dolores wasn’t performing cherish a factual friend at her win collectively, when she informed Jennifer to end crying and win over her husband’s previous infidelities.

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Then, when all people met up at a college-themed celebration Jackie used to be web web hosting — she wished to decide on relieve of the two weeks her younger of us had been long gone for summer camp — Jennifer informed Dolores what Jackie had said. And Dolores, who previously revealed she and David Principe had broken up, wasn’t too entirely delighted about it. Jackie defended her bid by announcing that Dolores is extra valid to Margaret Josephs than she is to Jennifer, nonetheless Dolores disagreed. On the different hand, when Margaret joined the dialog, she agreed with Jackie and informed Dolores that she’s better friends alongside with her than she is with Jennifer.

Jennifer also said that Dolores wasn’t performing cherish an infinite friend to her, so Dolores said she’d work on it. However what she said she wasn’t going to slay used to be select recommendation from “this”, and she or he pointed at Jackie. Jackie hated that Dolores called her “this”, so she started getting up in Dolores’ face, telling Dolores to by no means call her “this” again. “Don’t f***ing call me ‘this’,” she yelled. Dolores didn’t handle that Jackie used to be getting up in her space, so she called Jackie’s bluff and requested, “What are you going to slay about it? Truly? What the f*** are you going to slay about it?”

With factual an plod of separation between them, the different girls folks started intervening and pulling Jackie and Dolores faraway from every other. Sadly, nothing used to be resolved since the episode ended with a “to be endured…”, nonetheless we’ll obviously watch how the relaxation of that scene performs out next week.


Teresa Giudice didn’t abet the occasion on story of she needed to shuffle back and forth to Boston for the week to abet one her daughter’s dance responsibilities, nonetheless earlier in the episode, Luis Ruelas hosted a pizza celebration in the hopes of mending the Gorga and Giudice households. And in the end of them aired grievances with every other, all of them determined to recede the previous in the previous and gallop forward with out feuding. We’ll watch how lengthy that lasts, even supposing.

Prefer extra drama? Fresh episodes of The Exact Housewives of Fresh Jersey air Tuesdays at 8pm on Bravo.

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