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Rhone Talsma: 5 Things About The ‘Jeopardy’ Champ Who Beat Amy Schneider

5 Issues

There’s a recent ‘Jeopardy!’ champ in metropolis! Rhone Talsma beat Amy Schneider after a 40-take bound. Right here’s the whole lot it is top to know about Rhone.

Rhone Talsma is the name each person in the Jeopardy! universe is conscious of by now. His first look on Jeopardy! turned into once a memorable one. He defeated Amy Schneider sooner or later of Last Jeopardy after her unbelievable 40-sport well-behaved bound.

So, who is Rhone Talsma? He’ll be defending his spot in the next Jeopardy! episode. From these super rad glasses to his proper-existence job, listed right here are 5 key issues to know about Rhone.

Rhone Talsma is the recent ‘Jeopardy!’ champion. (Jeopardy Productions)

1. Rhone beat Amy Schneider. 

Rhone faced off against Amy, and it all got right here all the device down to Last Jeopardy. Amy had a lead going into Last Jeopardy, nevertheless the final clue resulted in her defeat. The clue turned into once: “The ideal nation in the sphere whose name in English ends in an H, it’s also one of many 10 most populous.” The acknowledge? Bangladesh. Amy turned into once left with $27,600 after $8,000 turned into once taken away, while Rhone had $29,600, making him the recent winner.

“I’m unruffled in shock,” Rhone said after his take. “I’m so overwhelmed. Right here’s my current sign, and I turned into once so inflamed to be right here. I had no intentions of well-behaved something, stunning wanted to affect my finest, and I turned into once inflamed to per chance peep any person else execute the wide. I didn’t mediate it turned into once going to be me, so I’m extremely delighted.” Rhone also tweeted that he turned into once “overwhelmed with joy and gratitude” after his fable take.

Okay, hello. I truly receive never had a day love currently. I am overwhelmed with joy & gratitude to receive had this ride, and to receive bought so mighty toughen. I knew this could create a splash among the Jeopardy! fandom nevertheless might well well now not stretch removed from that. I turned into once defective lol. I’m trending! 😵‍💫

— 🤫 (@transitdiagram) January 27, 2022

2. Rhone took a ‘possibility’ alongside with his glasses.

All over Jeopardy!, Rhone turned into once rocking neon yellow glasses. He published to Vulture that he supplied them from an Instagram advert for an on-line glasses firm known as Nihao Optical. “I truly receive reasonably a range of accessories in this coloration, so I believed, Why now not? I took a possibility, and the 2nd I place apart them on, I turned into once love, Right here’s the see! It’s my recent signature see! A month after I obtained the glasses, I auditioned, and of us surely commented on them sooner or later of the audition. I affect truly feel love they obtained me there, on some level. It’s a helpful technique to stand out,” he said.

3. Rhone is a librarian from Chicago.

Rhone works as a librarian at the Chicago Ridge Public Library. He admitted that being a librarian surely helped him take Jeopardy! “It’s a long way actually in my job description to search out solutions to any place apart a question to directed to me at the reference desk,” he advised the Chicago Tribune. “Sitting at the desk for eight hours a day, I’m virtually guaranteed to learn something recent as a consequence of a place apart a question to from one of our patrons. Librarians receive a reputation for being worthy Jeopardy! contestants as a consequence of we’re generalists by nature, and while I don’t receive deep abilities in loads of areas, I affect know a miniature bit about reasonably a range of subjects, which lends itself well to the structure and clues featured on Jeopardy!

4. Rhone is conscious of who he can receive to be the permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ host.

Rhone admitted that he’s “admired” Ken Jennings for his whole existence and believes Ken can receive to unruffled host Jeopardy! completely. “If I’m ready to endorse a host, I 100 percent endorse Ken Jennings,” Rhone advised Vulture. “His knowledge of the sport provides him so mighty credibility. His capacity to commentary on the strategy that the sport is going, besides to his wit and quickness — being ready to create miniature jokes right here and there without pushing aside the waddle of the sport — is assorted from the strategy Alex hosted nevertheless equally fantastic. There’s no person higher sterling for the job.”

5. Rhone is on social media. 

Rhone has an Instagram fable with the handle @transitdiagram. He also has a Twitter fable with the identical handle.

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