Rebecca Jones must fight for her health and also for the well-being of her only son

Rebecca Jones must fight for her health and also for the well-being of her only son

At the end of 2017, the starlet Rebecca Jones fell ill with ovarian cancer cells, a truth that significantly affected her son Maximiliano, that fell under anxiety, alcohol addiction and also drugs; Whatever seems to show that the interpreter’s recent health problems have actually caused her son to get worse, for which her father, Alejandro Camacho, would certainly have confessed him to a recovery center against his will.

According to TvNotas magazine, a friend of the family validated that 33-year-old Max experiences a solid addiction to alcohol and drugs., which has actually intensified in recent months. “Since Max found out in 2018 that his mommy was sick with ovarian cancer, at a sophisticated phase, she began to drink without control, also taking drugs,” claimed the abovementioned source.

The affirmed household good friend guaranteed that Max is not the just one concerned regarding the wellness of the former Cabo starlet, additionally her ex-husband as well as father of her son; nonetheless, it is her firstborn that runs out control.

“Alejandro, although he does not state it, is likewise dispirited concerning Rebecca’s health and wellness and additionally has great concern about seeing exactly how her son is wasting away. It discomforts him that being so young he is in such depression, that he has ignored himself to the point of appearing homeless. His dependencies have actually led him not to wash, rest throughout the day, consume anything and even not eat in any way.

In early November, Rebecca was in intensive care for a lung shortage that led to pneumonia. She had to be hospitalized in an emergency and was hospitalized for virtually 2 weeks.

After several days in serious condition, the interpreter re-emerged on social media networks with a video in which she shared her love for her only son with a photo of him in Paris, France, which she accompanied with the track Love of my life by the band Queen. “When Rebecca had a regression and she was admitted for a lung issue on November 2; A few days later, on the 6th, Alejandro was forcibly admitted to a psychological organization to aid him overcome his dependency.

Although Maximiliano is currently a guy, he is 33 years old and also he came to be furious, he withstood, however they mosted likely to his apartment to take him to the recovery center in a psychiatric ambulance, I mean sedated,” the resource told the publication with national circulation.

Furthermore, stated resource exposed that Maximiliano Camacho is very ill, with a unpredictable and rebellious mindset, because when his mommy has been sick he stays as close to her as feasible and also in the recovery facility he is absolutely incommunicado, for which he is experiencing hell as a result of the misery of not knowing how his mother is.


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“Max’s bitterness in the direction of his father grew, as well as it is that, it was not known, when Alejandro and Rebecca were with each other, he supposedly struck her and from there his son took a great deal of nerve, as well as although of course, he can’t stand it, he continues to get cash of him”, directed and also included the resource out that the young man does not function as well as lives at the expenditure of his moms and dads, although the connection with his daddy is even worse than ever.

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