Razzie Awards and its founder are the target of criticism after exposing a minor

Razzie Awards and its founder are the target of criticism after exposing a minor

Year after year, the Razzie Awards are present to nominate films, directors and actors, whose recognition is due to their poor film performance. Some of the candidates for the award as worst actors have recently been announced , including Tom Hanks for his role in “Elvis” , Jared Leto, Machine Gun Kelly, among others.

But despite how controversial the event tends to be, a fact that at the same time generates an anxious expectation on the part of the public, it was harshly criticized on social networks by the same followers after Golden Raspberry, the foundation behind Razzie, has nominated a 12-year-old girl for Worst Actress.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong participated in the film “Flames of Vengeance” with Zac Efron and his nomination forced John Wilson, the founder of the organization, to publicly apologize after exposing the young actress , who has just begun her career under the spotlight .

“We believe that we owe a public apology to Miss Armstrong and we want to tell her that we are sorry for any damage she may have suffered as a result of our decisions ,” said Wilson, who at the same time promised to establish a regulation within the awards not to return to nominate filmmakers or artists under 18 years of age.

He also recognized the insensitivity on the part of the foundation, a situation that aroused the anger not only of Internet users, but also actors like Devon Sawa, who shot directly at the organization: “Razzies are made by people without a soul. That girl could have a brilliant career and you guys could ruin it” , a post that he later deleted.

Along with the controversial nomination of the little actress, in this edition Razzie strongly criticized one of the most anticipated films of 2022, “Elvis” and “Blonde” , biographical films of two icons of music and entertainment. The story of the “King of Rock and Roll” although it did not receive direct criticism, Tom Hanks, one of the main cast members received harsh comments after his role as Colonel Tom Parker.

Blonde for its part was described as a resounding failure whose proposal by Andrew Dominik “says more about him than about his theme”. Thus becoming the favorite film to obtain the statuette for “the worst of cinema”. At the same time, after the recently starred offense, many of the faithful supporters of the anti-Oscars have questioned the side effects that this type of nomination can cause and the possible incitement to hatred.

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