Puerto Rican Marriage Traditions

Puerto Vasto is a tropical destination with unique scenery and a culture that usually takes satisfaction in its warm hospitality. For couples who also are looking to incorporate a Latin tradition into their wedding, Muelle Rico provides some exceptional and one-of-a-kind customs which have been certain to make your wedding memorable.


The Toy

At a Puerto Rican wedding, a doll that may be similar in appearance to the star of the wedding is placed at the head table with the reception or https://mylatinabride.com/puerto-rican-women might even be used as being a cake topper. This doll is normally covered with charms and is also given to friends as a symbol https://www.state.gov/bureaus-offices/secretary-of-state/office-of-global-womens-issues of luck and gratitude for their presence in the celebration.

The Marriage Doll

During the reception, a bridal girl doll is placed with the main desk that is dressed up in a dress that matches the bride’s clothes. This girl doll is pinned with various souvenirs and money by guests as a means to demonstrate their thankfulness for the bride’s presence.


After the bride and groom exchange all their vows, they give away “capias” for their guests. These are slender strips of bow with the term of the groom and bride on one end and the time frame of their marriage ceremony on the other. They are then kept by the guests and are generally shown in their homes for many years to come.

Cafe que incluye Leche

A further popular tradition is the portion of coffeehouse con leche during a Malograr Rican marriage. This is typically served in coconut cups although can also be within a variety of other styles. This kind of coffee is usually sweetened with condensed dairy. It is offered throughout the first hour of the reception.

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