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‘Promised Land’s Mariel Molino Reveals What Makes Carmen A ‘Dangerous’ Rival For Her Siblings

Don’t underestimate Carmen Sandoval. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mariel Molino about Carmen’s future with the family industry, her relationship with her estranged mom, and extra.

Carmen Sandoval also can seem worship the sinister well off girl on Promised Land, but she’s loads extra than that. Her siblings should no longer count her out as an actual contender for a leadership articulate within the family’s wine empire.

HollywoodLife bought EXCLUSIVE scoop from Mariel Molino about Carmen’s arc in the first season. While Carmen’s continuously been in Veronica’s shadow, now she’s “screaming for attention.” While no one “expects the rest” from Carmen, Mariel thinks that makes her unhealthy. Then again, one facet of her life leaves her begin to “being danger.” Read our Q&A below:

The solid of ‘Promised Land.’ (ABC)

After the first episode, we scrutinize Veronica is anticipated to own interplay over the company. Where is Carmen in all of this? How does she in actuality feel about the family industry?

Mariel Molino: I mediate Carmen in the starting up of the season, we rep her a runt bit perplexed as to what her articulate in the industry is and the family, for that topic. She’s the artist of the family, so I don’t mediate she in actuality is aware of what her articulate is at Heritage Home. She’s greatly in her sister Veronica’s shadow, but she is aware of she desires out. She’s screaming for attention. She’s screaming for other folks in her family worship Veronica and her father to own interplay her significantly. I mediate that the scenario is that her rambunctious, celebration systems are her downfall and lead other folks to no longer have interaction her significantly. She’s going to strive to search out, for lack of a less cheesy manner, her articulate and her say.

We scrutinize that runt moment on the celebration where she makes that specialty drink. She presentations her creativity there by manner of the family industry. 

Mariel Molino: That’s so silly that you just remove that up because of that turned into greatly our intention with the drink. Phase of the motive I turned into even so attracted to Carmen is she’s so hilarious in this family that’s form of excessive and combating for the throne, she’s proper form of worship, what are you guys doing? She’s having fun. She’s a fun girl. She likes to be ingenious, but she’s also smarter than she even thinks she is. She’s much extra ingenious about things, and it’s proper you picked up on that because of that will play even tougher when the season picks up.

Invent you have in her heart she desires to own a articulate of vitality within the company? Or discontinue you no longer even know?

Mariel Molino: I mediate she does. I mediate that no one expects the rest from Carmen, and that’s what makes her unhealthy.

Joe’s dynamic with each of his kids is uncommon, and now we’re seeing Margaret coming lend a hand to trot up distress. What is Carmen’s relationship worship with her father versus her mom? Is she extra actual to 1 on the terminate of the day?

Mariel Molino: Sure, she is completely actual to Joe because of she never had a relationship with her mom. Her mom left when she turned into two years former. When her mom comes lend a hand into the fold, I will’t ruin plenty, but I will instruct this: her older siblings are much extra cutthroat by manner of a range of things, and Carmen doesn’t scrutinize things gloomy and white. It’s also fragment of what leaves her begin to being danger. However I mediate that should come up with rather bit of a theory of what’s going to happen after we scrutinize Margaret come lend a hand into the fold.

Margaret is coming lend a hand into the fold with Antonio and searching to own interplay lend a hand the company from Joe. Invent you have because of of Carmen’s lack of a relationship with her mom she also is really a worn level? 

Mariel Molino: I will’t consult with this for definite because of I don’t own divorced fogeys, but it’s nearly worship if you weren’t there to scrutinize the battle and you weren’t there to battle by the court docket dates and the custody battles, you in actuality don’t know what came about. It’s nearly similar to you didn’t own that danger in a manner. I mediate there is that curiosity of worship, what’s this varied facet of my life? Like also, it’s the cultural identity, simply? Because on one facet, she’s Mexican, and on the a entire lot of facet, she’s American. She’s Mexican, but she’s also white, you know what I mean? So it’s that parallel of I’ve entirely identified this manner and what this manner, but what is that this all about?

There’s that moment when Carmen makes a drink for Veronica’s husband in the kitchen. I don’t know if I’m learning too much into this, but there’s a definite explore that you just gave him… 

Mariel Molino: I don’t know. I’ll allege you that Carmen had about a too many drinks, after which she’s a flirty form of girl. However we’ll proper own to explore.

In terms of romance, what’s forward for Carmen?

Mariel Molino: I mediate Carmen is terribly much relationship averse. To me, Carmen is coming into into adulthood presumably later than you would perhaps perhaps ask because of she has been sheltered. She has been given every thing on a silver spoon. She’s nonetheless dwelling at her fogeys’ rental. I mediate that in a range of systems, she’s nonetheless rather bit of a kid even by manner of her relationships. I mediate you’ll scrutinize Carmen own rather bit of fun and likewise form of getting smacked in the face with fact and savor and danger and what meaning.

As extra knowledge comes out about Joe and his previous, will that presumably exchange Carmen’s level of watch of her dad? Or discontinue you have she has jam him so high on a pedestal that it’s nearly worship nothing also can exchange worship her conception of him?

Mariel Molino: Ignore the previous. There are things that we’ll scrutinize Joe discontinue in the most contemporary that will undoubtedly exchange her watch of him. She is a woman that is terribly now, very Gen Z, very non-passe. Joe is the beacon of every thing that is passe, and that is the previous manner and the old-normal manner and that nearly machismo of how he grew up in the onerous work. Carmen’s extra work smarter, no longer tougher. I mediate she’s going to undoubtedly come at odds sooner than we take into tale a range of viewpoints that Joe has about no longer entirely the industry however the family.

Mariel Molino stars as Carmen Sandoval. (ABC)

It’s nonetheless rare to explore a basically Latinx solid on a broadcast network. Off the discontinuance of my head, the entirely one I will mediate of is Baker and the Beauty, after which Vida, On My Block, and Gentified on cable and streaming. How does it in actuality feel for you to be an component of this collection? 

Mariel Molino: I’m so proud that we fetch to discontinue this allege and that ABC is so on the lend a hand of it because of I discontinue mediate that from the fetch-lag they truly believed in it, even from after we shot the pilot. There had been about a days where, because of of COVID, we didn’t know what turned into going to happen. We needed to terminate down and ABC turned into worship no, we’re doing this pilot. I mediate that it’s so meaningful to own this solid that is basically Latinx, but additionally I mediate it’s fabulous to allege this Mexican family as no longer entirely you know on primetime TV, but in a articulate of privilege, as a well off family. Any person that, yes, immigrated to this nation with nothing but is the epitome of the American dream, and now you’re seeing us in the most contemporary time reaping the benefits and likewise being sinister and courageous and inexperienced with envy. It’s worship we fetch to explore all people and all of their humanity as a exchange of before if you entirely had presumably one Latinx persona in the allege who had that burden of the accountability of the diversity of their community.

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