Priscilla Presley’s last ditch effort to rescue Lisa Marie from the dead

Priscilla Presley's last ditch effort to rescue Lisa Marie from the dead

The death of Lisa Marie Presley at the age of 54 as a result of two heart attacks left an impact on all those who saw her born and become an important character in the world show. However, Priscilla Presley, her mother, will have to continue her life with the uncertainty of what would have happened if the singer agreed to her request to rehabilitate herself from drugs.

The movie actress, who married Elvis Presley in 1967, to later give birth to her only child the following year, perceived during her adulthood that her daughter had problematic behavior with drugs and tried to get her to enter a rehab program. drugs run by the Church of Scientology, a faith that Lisa Marie professed at some point in her life .

According to Radar Online, in 2019 the wife of the “King of Rock” sought her daughter Lisa Marie to treat her addictions. “Priscila had begged the church leaders to accept her daughter in her drug treatment program,” they explained in the aforementioned medium.

“Lisa Marie was taking drugs again and no one could communicate with her …Priscilla saw how bad things were and did what she always does to save her daughter: she turned to Scientology to get her back on track,” an insider said. the action of the actress, who belongs to the church for many years.

The singer, who was a member of the church during her youth and left it as an adult, apparently never took her mother’s advice into account. According to the outlet, it is not clear if she entered the program in 2019, but they reveal that years before she was treated by the church.

As part of her divorce battle from Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie confessed to serious drug problems she had. According to her words in court, between October 2015 and June 2016, the artist was “using a significant amount of drugs and staying in bed for a long time.”


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The daughter of the interpreter of If i can dream, explained that she abused prescription pills and used “cocaine to counteract the effects” of those pills . In 2016, her problems reached a fever pitch and she had to spend several days hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she managed to recover and continue into the last years of her life.


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