Princess Diana’s letters about her divorce from King Charles III are up for sale

Princess Diana's letters about her divorce from King Charles III are up for sale

The divorce of Princess Diana with the current King of England, Charles III (73 years old), was a very hard blow for the mother of Harry and William, who could not fully overcome it, at least that was what he related to some friends through some letters that were recently unearthed and that will now be put up for auction.

Lady Di corresponded with her friends Susie and Tarek Kassem, who claim to possess 32 “amazing” letters in which the philanthropist describes how terrible the divorce proceedings with Charles, who was then the Prince of Wales, was making her feel. Their formal separation was in 1996 but they were no longer together four years ago.

According to her relatives, in the pages, the princess exposed her fears, among them that her phone was tapped, a fear that was also reported in the Netflix series, The Crown , in addition to exposing her feelings after it was carried out by the isolating her, in addition to thanking the couple for inviting her to spend a lonely Christmas and Easter with them.

In yet another of her letters, dated April 28, 1996, Lady Di spoke about how much her divorce had depressed her, and apologized for not being able to go with them on a trip to see the opera Tosca, arguing that it was happening during moments of great tension.

“ I am going through a very difficult time and the pressure is serious and it comes from all sides . Sometimes it’s just too hard to keep my head up and today I’m on my knees and just wanting this divorce to go through as the possible cost…it’s tremendous,” she said.

On May 20, 1996, he wrote to Ms. Kassem: “As I don’t have a mobile phone, it is difficult to discuss personal matters as my lines here are constantly recorded and broadcast. If I had known a year ago what I would experience going through this divorce, I never would have consented. It’s desperate and ugly.”

However, their correspondence also spoke about Lady Di’s gratitude for the marriage and for the support they showed her throughout her divorce process: “I am immensely touched by how protective you two are of me… I am not used to that! .. I have never had so much love and support from a married team before.”

She thanked them for gifts like flowers, meditation books, and jasmine oil. The Kassems say owning the poignant documents is a responsibility they do not want to pass on to their children or grandchildren, and they are selling them at auction for an estimated value of $98,000.

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