Prince Louis is ‘going crazy with rugby’, according to Kate

Prince Louis is 'going crazy with rugby', according to Kate

Kate Middleton confessed that her youngest son, Prince Louis, is crazy about playing rugby and that he has already started practicing it at school. The comment was made at a reception with the World Cup-winning England Wheelchair Rugby League team.

The Princess of Wales also said that her family was competitive when it came to playing sports. “We are always a bit competitive with each other . They all love sports and Louis is crazy about rugby . They are at an age where they love to run,” said the future queen.

The theme involves Kate too: “I’m running all day after the children. I do it all .” She added that “whenever I can exercise I do, even jumping on the trampoline with my kids before school.”

The royal family’s ties to rugby are great. Prince William played at school , while his brother-in-law Harry recently said that one of the downsides of life in California was not being able to find rugby balls to teach his son Archie to play . A cousin of the princes, Peter Phillips, played for Scotland at youth level. And Kate became the royal godmother of English rugby last February, taking over from Harry.

Four-year-old Louis, who stole the movie with his antics and gestures on Buckingham’s balcony during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, is dedicated to pairs rugby, a recreational version for young children to get into the sport .


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