Prince Harry thought his mom faked her death to escape her “miserable life”

Prince Harry thought his mom faked her death to escape her "miserable life"

The memories of Prince Harryare producing a great media craze due to the discoveries made by the Fight it out of Sussex. Along with referring to the conflicts with his brother and the denial he got from the royal family members, the youngest kid of King Carlos III mentioned exactly how he experienced the death of Princess Diana

Before Lady Di had a deadly website traffic crash, she had actually been the victim of constant harassment by the media, which is why the youngest son of the Princess of Wales thought that her mommy had a “miserable” life.

At the time Princess Diana and her sweetheart Dodi Al-Fayed had an accident in France, Prince Harry was simply 13 years old, as well as in his book he confesses he thought it was all his mom’s trick to leave his life.” His life has actually been miserable, he has been bugged, lied to. So he faked an accident as a disturbance and fled,” the Duke of Sussex wrote.

Harry did not accept the death of Princess Diana.

Girl Di’s youngest boy had a tough time absorbing that his mommy had died, so he began to believe that it was a method of hers to escape, but as the days went by he realized that everything that was happening was actual.

Prince Harry also remembered in his memoirs that he and his sibling, Prince William, were forbidden from seeing television, since Lady Diana’s accident was the most discussed information for weeks worldwide and also its protection created a collection of theories. looking for to hold a person responsible for the death of Princess Diana.

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