Prince Harry lives happily in California, as revealed by his gestures

Prince Harry lives happily in California, as revealed by his gestures

Body language expert Darren Stanton said there is not the slightest doubt about how happy Prince Harry was in California after analyzing the interview he gave to Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”

“Now it is clear to me that Harry loves life in California. While he was talking about moving to the United States, I saw genuine flashes of happiness and joy , something I hadn’t seen in previous interviews,” said the expert in statements collected by “The Sun”.

He added: “In my opinion, Harry has been known to mask his emotions over the years. However, now that his book is published, he is in a position to speak openly about his views.”

“Despite the sensitive subject, Harry was extremely open when talking about the death of his mother Diana ,” said the specialist, referring to Harry’s revelations in which he even ruled out the possibility that King Charles III is his father. biological.

“While she did show some expressions of sadness, her body language was consistent with someone who spoke from the heart,” she explained of her life in Southern California and the family she has built.

“Overall I thought it was a great interview with Harry being extremely open and direct. There was no dodging or objection to any question, which showed that he was happy and relaxed to talk about all areas of his life,” he concluded.


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