Prince Andrew inspires a satirical parody for television

Prince Andrew inspires a satirical parody for television

As if it had actually not been enough that King Charles III had thrown him out of Buckingham Royal residence and the vacuum that the royal family created him on the go through Sandringham, now Prince Andrew will certainly be the target of ridicule in a musical that will certainly be released on British television.

This is “Prince Andrew: The Musical”, which will certainly broadcast following Thursday the 29th on Channel 4. The producers specified the area as a “satirical parody” based upon the Duke of York and that will feature the 2019 interview with Emily Maitlis from the BBC that implied that Queen Elizabeth II removed her of her army titles.

The musical will certainly star Kieran Hodgson, who will certainly play Andrew, and also will certainly additionally be accompanied by Munya Chawawa, as Prince Charles, Harry Enfield (Tony Blair), Jenny Bede (Sarah Ferguson) as well as Joe Wilkinson, as a salesman. of papers.

“A funny, song and dance reimagining of the Duke of York’s public fall from grace, starring Kieran Hodgson, Munya Chawawa, Harry Enfield and also Joe Wilkinson,” is the descriptive text added by Channel 4.

“Just seen a trailer for Prince Andrew The Musical. I’m truly ashamed that anyone assumed it was a good idea, regardless of the reality that it was done.

Lead man Kieran Hodgson commented in the “Derby Telegraph” that “we thought a lot about the concern of level of sensitivity around the really severe allegations that were made versus Andres. It’s component of the tale, however it’s not the resource of our humor.”.

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