Police raid the house of Tonka Tomicic, former queen and presenter of the Viña Festival

Police raid the house of Tonka Tomicic, former queen and presenter of the Viña Festival

This Tuesday morning, the Chilean Investigative Police raided the residence of the famous Chilean presenter and model, Tonka Tomicic , who served as presenter of the famous Viña Festival in 2007-08, of which she was also elected queen.

The police procedure was carried out as a result of the “Case Watches”, in which Tomicic’s partner, Marco Antonio Lopez Spagui, also known as Parived, is being investigated  for money laundering and jewelry smuggling.

Parived was caught in 2019 having telephone conversations with Domingo Jalil, a moneylender who was under investigation after accusations of smuggling luxurious jewelry and watches. Since then, records have emerged that directly involve the spiritual advisor with said illegal practices.

The effects of the investigation have not left his wife unaffected, who has progressively withdrawn from television screens and from her career as a public figure since the accusations of manipulation of items stolen from abroad by her spouse , who is also Mentioned in phone records.

The Money Laundering Brigade went to the home to seize electronic items and jewelry that, according to an investigation , were bought in Europe and Argentina and then illegally entered the country at the hands of criminal gangs .

Tonka Tomicic had returned to the public scene this past weekend as an entertainer at the Las Condes Festival , a musical event organized in Santiago de Chile. At the time of the police raid in search of incriminating records, the model was alone in her residence.

The well-known television figure has not delivered any statement to the media. However, since the “Watch Case” was uncovered, she stepped aside from the spotlight and supported her husband, whom she appointed in 2020 as general manager of her family business.

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