Pique has another setback in his finances, he loses millionaire contract

Pique has another setback in his finances, he loses millionaire contract

Pique appears to be moistening wet after revealing his splitting up with Shakira. In mid-June of in 2015, the former pair revealed that after 12 years of connection they were leaving, which led the previous football gamer to be freely with his girlfriend Clara Chía Martí, along with the claim of the followers, he also lost millionaire agreements.

A few days ago it was revealed that the previous FC Barcelona protector bankrupted 2 restaurants that he had in organization with the Barranquillera however after his love break, the businesses likewise broke down, along with various other financiers, pals of the Colombian, they additionally withdrew their support.

Pique bid farewell in 2014 to the group to which he belonged for greater than 15 years, and also it is understood that he is concentrated on expanding his business Kosmos, as well as jobs that he is hosting such as the Kings League, which started its period on January 1 of this 2023, yet lost a million-dollar contract with an important federation.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF for its phrase in English) ended a contract with Kosmos, which was stipulated for 25 years, and also was broken as a result of management issues on both sides, at the very least that’s what the sporting activities company revealed.

” The bonus offers for the 2022 edition of the Davis Cup have not been paid and also for the moment to the taking part nations by the Kosmos culture, whose partnership with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to organize the event has been broken”. Kosmos reacted that they were “documents as well as types that have to be sent in order to proceed with the repayments.”

The Federation announced that it was regaining control of the organization of the Davis Cup and finishing its agreement with Kosmos since the 2023 edition: “Kosmos Tennis and the ITF have actually not reached a contract to renegotiate the financial design nor on the current civil liberties as well as future orders by the ITF”, states part of the statement.


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The Davis Cup was in the hands of Kosmos in 2019, 2 years after Pique established it and they only had a cooperation of four years out of the 25 they had prepared for their partnership. A couple of days ago, Shakira introduced a controversial session with Bizarrap in which she made an apology for Rolex and Casio watches, the latter being the one that shut a sponsorship with Pique, according to the Spaniard.

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