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Pevonia Botanica : Natural Formulas. Organic ingredients. Clinical Results.

Pevonia Botanica : Natural Formulas. Organic ingredients. Clinical Results.

A leader among the world’s best spas, Pevonia Botanica Skin Care believes everyone deserves to look youthful and feel healthy. Doing so reflects one’s own alluring radiance. So, they offer a complete line of spa and home care products containing pure organic botanical and marine elements synergized with high-tech delivery systems to produce the world’s best anti-aging skin treatments. These combined elements bring to you outstanding visible results and skin treatments without rival. Protecting and preserving the planet is a global responsibility. An integral part of Pevonia’s philosophy is to maintain an affinity with nature and her precious resources. Pevonia’s packaging is fully post-consumer recyclable and fully biodegradable. Sticking with their high ethics, they never use any form of animal testing. Natural skin care at its best : always researching . . . scientifically implementing . . . continuously providing you skin care health and effective age management . . . naturally! Shipped only to US addresses. Pevonia Botanica

NO SLS, GMOs, PABA, Urea, Lanolin, Cruelty, Formaldehyde, Alcohol, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Artificial Colors or Fragrance

Pevonia was green before it was cool. They launched in 1991 with cruelty-free formulas and recyclable, reusable packaging in mind. They use delicately extracted phyto-organic and natural ingredients to create earth and skin friendly products that are Mother Nature approved. Protecting the earth and maintaining an affinity with nature and its precious resources is a conceptual legacy of Pevonia’s philosophy. Pevonia International is a member of the Organic Trade Association and holds a CTN Green Excellence Award.

With products that easily absorb, fully hydrate and protect your skin from the elements Pevonia’s home care line is made up of professional spa treatment grade products. Many of the items used in treatments at the world’s leading spas, are available for you to take home with you. Of course, you can find many of these products here, at, where we give you exceptional personalized service and a personalized sample request menu. What’s more, we have over two decades of experience using Pevonia’s treatment products in our spa services. This is important, as it allows us to help you find the best recommendations for your specific skin health needs. You can email us at here to get personalized recommendations. Please include your top two primary concerns and include an un-retouched image of your skin.

Celebrity Raves :

“Thanks for all the great products.” — Jeff Bridges (RIPD): Received the Age-Defying Myoxy-Caviar Balm and the Timeless Eye Contour. His wife was sent the entire Myoxy-Caviar line including the Timeless Eye Contour.

“Hey Pevonia! Thanks so much!” — Kevin Bacon (RIPD): Received the Phyto-Gel Cleanser, Age-Defying Marine Collagen Cream, and the Lumafirm Repair Cream- Lift & Glow.

“Pevonia makes a really nice vitamin C serum. I have hyperpigmentation issues and it really helps with that”.– Natalie Coughlin, US Olympic swimmer.

Pevonia Botanica began in 1991, named after the Peonia flower discovered by Painon, the physician to the Gods. This flower was filled with pure extracts so powerful it was capable of curing the complexion of Goddesses. Inspired by this myth, using only natural formulations and superior developing processes, it soon became one of the most desirable lines in Europe. The company is proud to offer products that are innovative and unique, sold only by expertly trained and highly educated estheticians and dermatologists around the world. All products are formulated with the finest non-comedogenic ingredients available, with a base of phyto and marine extracts, essential and vegetable oils. Their non-irritating products leave out all allergenic agents, sensitizers, artificial colors and fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol and PABA ingredients. Renowned elite Swiss biologists create the products and ensure efficacy. Once the products go through a meticulous purifying program, ingredient testing is done on individuals who are closely monitored during precise case studies. Once complete, the results, research & statistical data is documented. All products are ecologically-friendly, fully recyclable, environmentally sensitive and are not tested on animals. The products hold a 3 year shelf life & maintain full efficacy.

Pevonia is the first natural beauty provider who designed products specifically for professional spa treatments given by estheticians (skin care experts who provide skin care services). They went on a mass educational campaign, going into beauty schools and teaching young estheticians on the protocols of using their superior natural line. Yours truly, was one of these young estheticians and fell in love with the smells, textures and philosophy of purity. She is happy to be able to bring these beautiful products to you and your daily skin care ritual.



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