Pepe Aguilar became a grandfather and his granddaughter is very similar to him

Pepe Aguilar became a grandfather and his granddaughter is very similar to him

Despite the fact that the Aguilar family is one of the best-known artist empires in Mexico and the United States, there are some participants who are not as public as Emiliano, oldest kid of Pepe Aguilar, that lately became a father. and made the vocalist grandfather for the first time.

Emiliano Aguilar and his partner, Violeta, became moms and dads a few weeks back and it was lately that the initial photos of Angela and Leonardo Aguilar’s niece were leaked and in which she looks very similar to her grandfather.

It was the reporter Nelssie Carrillo that released the very first photos of the preferred singer’s granddaughter, that was unidentified by the media.

The images of Pepe’s unidentified granddaughter went viral on social media networks. Additionally, Emiliano’s girlfriend, Violeta, can be seen in addition to the family.

That is Emiliano Aguilar?

Emiliano is the first kid that Pepe Aguilar had with Carmen Treviño. The couple separated in 1995, three years after the birth of their firstborn. He is the fifty percent brother of Leonardo and Angela Aguilar and, unlike them, Emiliano did not select the limelight and the stage.

In 2017, he was charged of human trafficking, after unlawfully presenting 4 Asian individuals right into the trunk of his cars and truck at the border between Tijuana and San Ysidro, California. He needed to pay a fine of 15 thousand bucks and invested six months in a recovery facility to treat his dependencies.

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