Paty Navidad leaves the possibility of falling in love open in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’

Paty Navidad leaves the possibility of falling in love open in 'La Casa de los Famosos 3'

After Telemundo announced that Paty Navidad (49) would certainly sign up with the La Casa de los Famosos 3 project, the program’s followers have discussed on socials media that the soap opera bad guy will be the one who adds “taste to the program.” Nonetheless, the starlet pertains to the job without a “plan under her arm de ella” but she wants to do every little thing to keep her audience mindful and even if the chance to have a romance presents herself, she does not plan to close the doors on him. Cupid.

It was during her time on the Hoy Día program that the singer additionally validated that she really feels: “Very smart, really excited, happy, most importantly nervous to be part of a fantastic and special experience that will certainly offer me the opportunity to share the most effective of me, not just to the occupants of La Casa de los Famosos, yet to the public that will certainly be attentive 24/7”.

Adamari López asked her if she came with the objective of locating love, as has actually taken place in other seasons, to which the starlet from My cute curse and also For criminal love claimed “no” quickly, although she later on left the possibility open: “The intent to fall in love (is not there), although you never have to close the door on love but I do not get here with this objective, what I do desire is to provide love to the residents, but if it occurs, well, why not “.

Navidad, that has actually been involved in several conflicts for his conspiracy theory concepts of her, mentioned that he does not have a strategy to take the love of audiences, much less expects his personality from her to be the center of attention.

“Let’s hope not to fall into any kind of fight because cohabiting (throughout the day with other colleagues) and also being secured will certainly draw out a lot of emotions, there is no idea what is mosting likely to occur. It is not extremely common that they take me out of my boxes, I consider myself a well balanced and focused person yet if they touch among those points (that bother me), I do get upset and also awful, so I hope that does not occur.

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