Osmel Sousa explodes because of the comparisons made to Laura Bozzo

Osmel Sousa explodes because of the comparisons made to Laura Bozzo

Since Telemundo revealed via its socials media that Osmel Sousa would be part of the fact program La Casa de los Famosos, on socials media they assure that it will inhabit the controversial space left by Laura Bozzo.

There are also those who have actually risked to state that the so-called Czar of Beauty will appear with “frustrating hair” like Bozzo.

After travelling through the Hoy Día program, the Venezuelan made the effort to disclose that he is a loyal admirer of the Peruvian presenter which the only thing they can compare is the variety of plastic surgeries they both have:” But exactly how do I He is mosting likely to contrast me with Laura Bozzo, it will certainly be due to the variety of cosmetic surgeries we have”.

Furthermore, he suggested that from the Laura that he knew years ago to the one that she is currently, there is nothing left and made a contrast that triggered the early morning presenters to laugh. “The Laura that I saw is damaged. I compare it to a house that had been struck by a grade 6 cyclone”.

Sousa additionally indicated that all the participants in The House of Celebrities should never ever shed their glamor, as the supposed Miss Laura did. “This is a program, it needs to preserve the exact same picture that it constantly supplies: makeup, clean, with brand name garments,” she concluded.

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