Offender presumes to know Queen Elizabeth II in person thanks to Prince Andrew

Offender presumes to know Queen Elizabeth II in person thanks to Prince Andrew

If he knew who he was greeting, His Majesty would have avoided the meeting anyway. But being in front of a guest of Prince Andrew, the dignitary had no choice but to receive the respects of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-partner of the millionaire women-trafficking businessman Jeffrey Epstein .

Maxwell was sentenced last June to 20 years in prison for providing minors for sexual purposes to her former partner and partner, businessman Jeffrey Epstein. The woman is being held at the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institute, pending an appeals process.

The former socialite provided young women to Epstein, who introduced them to his friends, including Prince Andrew, for them to have intimate relationships. The Epstein-Maxwell couple was arrested as responsible for a network of prostitution of minors; Epstein committed suicide while awaiting his appearance in a court of law.

Queen Elizabeth II meets the criminal

Ghislaine Maxwell has made surprising statements about how she came to know Queen Isbael II . She claims that when he was with her monarch it was one of the best moments of her life , and that he was with her thanks to the invitation he received from her friend, Prince Andrew .

Maxwell was a participant in several meetings at Buckingham Palace, invited by the Duke of York, and there are even graphic documents of her and her lover Epstein at the Balmoral summer mansion -where Her Majesty died- in 1999.

It is believed that in Balmoral they could have met Elizabeth II, but where there is no doubt that Maxwell and Epstein did greet the queen was for Andrew’s 40th birthday at Windsor Castle , in June 2000, a celebration which the monarch attended.

“The queen was one of the most exceptional women I have had the honor and privilege to meet ,” said Maxwell, who assures that the love for horses was a theme that united her with the dignitary, whose death she mourned.


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