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OBX’s Madison Bailey: Kiara’s Season 2 Style Is ‘Skater Girl’

If anyone has mastered the whole laidback, cool girl, not-a-care-in-the-world fashion look, it’s Kiara Carrera on Outer Banks. And as it turns out, Madison Bailey has taken a few style cues from her character — including a shared appreciation for skinny jeans. 

“I like all of her chill surfer girl outfits, but I’m excited for everyone to see her season 2 outfits because I think she goes a little more skater girl,” the 22-year-old actress told Us Weekly while promoting American Eagle’s Future Together, Jeans Forever campaign. “I really liked her style this season … I think there’s definitely some skater vibes that interchange between Kiara’s and my personal style.”

OBXs Madison Bailey Kiara Is Team Skinny Jeans

Madison Bailey.
American Eagle

So, what can fans expect to see on screen? Well, she teased that there’s a “skinny jeans and combat boots” look this coming season, which drops on Friday. And even though skinny jeans have had their fair share of controversy, Bailey is on-board with the fashion statement — within reason.

“I feel like I’m just right on the cusp [of being Gen Z] and it’s so hard! I will choose mom jeans over a skinny jeans,” Bailey told Stylish. “And like, I’m 22, so I’m right at that age — I’ll still throw on a pair of skinny jeans.” 

Obviously, shoes are deciding factor. “A combat boot or a thigh-high boot — you can’t wear baggy jeans an a thigh high boot, you can’t,” she said to Us. “Skinny jeans are practical … but you have to have both in your closet.” 

An acceptance of millennial-esque pants isn’t the only thing in common the actress shares with her character. They also align over a love of accessories. In fact, she’ll even take Kie’s iconic necklaces home from set. 

“Usually, I’ll take whatever jewelry she wears from the season, so I have her necklaces,” the Black Lightening actress told Us. “I as well like to accessorize.” 

While Bailey can’t wait to watch Kie’s fashion evolution play out when the show airs, she’s most excited to see fans reactions. 

“I know what my reaction was to everything, but I’m on the edge of my seat to what people think and what their theories are for season three,” she revealed. “Because, no spoilers, but the ending of season two is very interesting and I want to know what people think because I have no freaking clue what’s gonna happen in season three.” 

Season two of Outer Banks premiere on Friday, July 30 on Netflix. 

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