NMIXX posts their first photo on social media without Jinni

NMIXX posts their first photo on social media without Jinni

The team NMIXX made their opening night as a 6-member team, as seen in the photos of “Celebrity News Korea”. The band members are on their method to the “2022 Asia Artist Awards” that will certainly occur in Japan.

Clearly, netizens swiftly reacted to the photo and also slammed the lack on the Korean discussion forum

A few of the remarks consisted of: “You wake up one morning like an individual never ever existed …”, “I was really hoping Jinni would leave us at the very least one transcribed letter”, as well as “It’s frightening how we never recognize anything regarding the person himself, and every person needs to act nothing happened.”

NMIXX fans have revealed their bewilderment with the sidelining, as they don’t know a certain reason for Jinni’s departure from the team. Since JYP Entertainment said that the artist left the agency as well as the team for personal factors, there has been no more information, which has actually caused a dating report starting to flow.

A Korean Youtuber called Sojang commented in among his YouTube videos that the actual reason for Jinni’s departure was his alleged partnership with Steve, a member of the YOUNITE group, which they had actually been seen in motels in the city, a reason that in case If it were actual, it would bring effects since Jinni is still a minor (18 years old) in South Korea, where the age of majority is 19 years of ages, while Steve is 21 years old.

NMIXX, a group that debuted previously this year, will proceed with 6 participants: Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin.

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