New York Times columnist accuses royals of being racist and treats Meghan and Harry as heroes

New York Times columnist accuses royals of being racist and treats Meghan and Harry as heroes

The New York Times has come under fire in the UK for a viewpoint piece that charged the British royal household of bigotry and also suggested that Meghan Markle needed to pay with “her life” for marrying into the establishment.

Headlined “When Harry Met Meghan,” columnist Roxane Gay said that “Harry and also Meghan were saving their lives by leaving the royals and also protecting the satisfaction they might recover from the wreck of the nearly 3 years they spent trying to look for the assistance of the royal household”.

Gay recommends that the Sussexes’ advantage “stopped working to protect them from the racism that eventually drove the wedge between them and also the royal family members”.

It adds that “when Prince Harry met and also married American starlet Meghan Markle, we saw, in real time, just exactly how high a rate the crown agreed to pay to get a complete stranger out, including her life.”

The promonarchist as well as coarse royal opinologist Piers Morgan said on his socials media: “My God. The New York Times releases an outrageous devastation of Britain and our Royal Family, including the need that the Monarchy be taken apart. This is what the Sussexes have made with all their lies: make the world see us as a lot of callous racists. ”

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Gay is a writer and also social analyst that has actually been a factor to the New York Times for numerous years.

In the post, Gay says that “also in royal expatriation, Meghan plays the duty of a best princess” as well as describes Harry as “elegant and composed, yet somebody who has actually lived his whole life as successor to the throne. ”

Includes Gay: “It would be simple to write off the Sussexes and their plight. Yet their immense benefit might not safeguard them from the bigotry that inevitably drove the wedge between them and also the royal family. Ultimately, bigotry was more effective than the family ties. The monarchy’s ongoing hesitation to protect Meghan Markle despite horrible paper insurance coverage and also on-line bullying was indefensible.”

Gay details that: “Harry and Meghan seemed delighted to be part of the royal family if the royal family had agreed to accept the change. ”

And he includes a categorical judgment: “The monarchy does not need to be altered. It needs to be taken apart. If Harry and also Meghan had actually acknowledged that, it would certainly have made their story infinitely extra interesting.”

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