NCT 127 wraps up their second world tour Mobilizing 700,000 people in 17 cities

NCT 127 wraps up their second world tour Mobilizing 700,000 people in 17 cities

SM Entertainment announced on the 30th that the group NCT 127 mobilized 700,000 spectators with the second world tour ‘NEO CITY – THE LINK’ held 28 times in 17 cities around the world.

Starting with Seoul in December 2021, NCT 127 visited Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, USA, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mexico City, Mexico, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Japan, and Manila, Philippines.

In the process, they held a dome tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, which are considered Japan’s three major domes, and entered the Jamsil Main Stadium, which is called the ‘dream stage’ in Korea.

SM Entertainment said, “NCT 127 stepped on all major concert halls, which are considered Asian dream stages, and confirmed their status as representative K-pop artists in name and reality.”

They also showed off their hot popularity in South America, on the other side of the globe. In Brazil, they performed three times, and in Chile, the subway was extended for the convenience of the crowd.

NCT 127 marked the finale of this world tour with 16,000 spectators in Mexico City, Mexico on the 28th (local time).

NCT 127 said, “It’s the last day of the tour, and I’m grateful to the members who have been with me so far.” “The fans are the last puzzle of our stage, so the stage can’t be completed without you. Thank you for making the audience shine at each performance.” said.

On this day, they released their 4th regular repackage album ‘Ay-Yo’ and continued their activities.

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