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The Vow’s Nancy Salzman Has Pled Guilty to NXIVM-Related Charges

The Vow's Nancy Salzman Has Pled Guilty to NXIVM-Related Charges
The Vow’s Nancy Salzman Has Pled Guilty to NXIVM-Related Charges
  • The 9-part HBO series The Vow appears into NXIVM, a gaggle that made headlines for allegations of being a pyramid scheme and intercourse cult.
  • NXIVM was based by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, a nurse and hypnotist, in the ’90s.
  • Keith Raneire was sentenced to 120 years in prison on October 27.
  • In 2019, Salzman pled Guilty to at least one NXIVM-related federal crime. Here is the place she is in the present day.

The mysterious group NXIVM has been coated in newspapers, Lifetime films, and journal exposés. Season 1 of The Vow, a nine-part documentary series on HBO, explored NXIVM (pronounced Nex-ee-um) from the attitude of people that knew its key figures, like Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, and Nancy Salzman, personally. Former members Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente characteristic prominently in the documentary.

Salzman, who figures closely in The Vow’s first episode and “appears” by way of a phone dialog in the season finale, was beforehand not as high-profile as NXIVM’s enigmatic figurehead Raniere, and Smallville actress Mack. but, as The Vow exhibits, Salzman was extraordinarily influential in recruiting new members to NXIVM by way of the Executive Success Program (ESP), the group’s on-ramp to indoctrination.

In response to the New York Occasions, Salzman, a former nurse and trained hypnotist, helped form the “behavioral applications that formed the basis of NXIVM.” Over 16,000 people took the courses that she developed.

To NXIVM’s members, Salzman, 65, was higher often called “Prefect,” a title that denoted her second-in-command standing. Alongside Raniere, Salzman based ESP in 1997. Essentially, nothing that happens in The Vow would were doable with out her affect. Here is what it’s essential find out about Salzman, together with the place she is now.

Salzman pled Guilty to NXIVM-related crimes in 2019.

Salzman pled Guilty to NXIVM-related crimes in 2019.

In 2018, Raniere and Salzman were each indicted on NXIVM-related charges. Raniere’s charges—which he was convicted of in 2019—included intercourse trafficking, fraud conspiracy, and racketeering. On October 27, U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced Raniere to 120 years in prison, successfully a life sentence.

Salzman, on the other hand, pled Guilty on one charge of racketeering.

during her trial, Salzman admitted to interfering with NXIVM’s perceived enemies twice. She stole the email passwords of people that were thought to oppose NXIVM, and altered tapes of herself instructing courses for use during a lawsuit towards cult deprogrammer Rick Ross, who helped NXIVM members escape, according to Vice.

“It has taken me a while and a few soul-searching to return to this place,” she stated during her listening to in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday, by way of Albany’s Occasions Union. “I but consider a few of what we did was good.”

Her daughter, Lauren Salzman, was also indicted on NXIVM-related charges.

Nancy Salzman created NXIVM—and her daughter, Lauren, was a high-ranking member of its most controversial subgroup. DOS, which stands for Dominant Over Submissive, was originally based as a “ladies’s empowerment group.” If truth be told, DOS reportedly managed ladies and groomed them to be sexual companions for Raniere.

Organized as a hierarchy of “masters” and “slaves,” the ladies in DOS made a lifelong vow of subservience to Raniere. They were subjected to strategies of management like excessive calorie counting, bodily punishment, and—most famously—branding of Raniere’s initials. Talking at Raniere’s trial in 2019, Lauren stated the purpose of those strategies was to create an environment of “complete obedience and secrecy,” per the New York Occasions.

And he or she would know—Lauren wrote DOS’s handbook, which included passages like: “The perfect slave derives the highest pleasure from being her grasp’s final instrument…You give up your life, thoughts, physique for unconditional use.”

In 2019, Lauren, 42, pled Guilty on two felony charges, and and admitted that she saved a girl locked in a room for greater than two years. Today, she stays underneath home arrest.

Today, Nancy Salzman is awaiting sentencing.

After being arrested in 2018, Salzman was launched on a $5 million bail. Raniere, conversely, was denied bail, and resided in a Brooklyn prison till his October 27 sentencing. Now, Salzman is awaiting sentencing herself, which had been slated for July 19 but has been pushed again indefinitely. In response to the Occasions-Union, she faces a possible sentence of between 33 and 41 months in prison and a most fine of $250,000.

in the time since her Guilty plea, Salzman has remained quiet, apart from making just a few modifications to her bail. She asked to carry her curfew and take away her ankle bracelet (which the Court denied). She also asked to have contact with her daughter, Lauren (which the Court allowed). In response to Frank Parlato, a journalist who’s featured in The Vow, Salzman resides with her different daughter, Michelle, in a house in Waterford NY.

Salzman may appear in The Vow season 2.

in the season finale of The Vow, Salzman makes one thing of a shock look by means of a phone name. Her phrases are accompanied by pictures of an ankle monitor, and what we are able to assume are Nancy’s fingers folding a gold NXIVM sash (the sashes were gifted as symbols of degree ascendance during the group).

“Loyalty is nice in sure contexts and really dangerous in different contexts,” Salzman says in the voice over. “talk about getting misplaced in a film, we’re sort of misplaced in the function of our life. What it’s a must to do is cease believing that that’s who you might be. Then you’ll be able to change your function.”

She met Raniere in 1997, and co-founded NXIVM with him.

She met Raniere in 1997, and co-founded NXIVM with him

NXIVM’s origin story dates again to 1997, the year Salzman met Raniere on the health food store he owned in Clifton Park, New York together with his girlfriend of eight years, Toni Natalie (who went on to lift the alarms about Raniere’s habits, lengthy earlier than his indictment in 2018).

Salzman was instantly taken with Raniere and his teachings. In 1998, Salzman included the group that may turn out to be NXIVM in Delaware. “There is probably no discovery since writing as necessary for humankind as Mr. Raniere’s expertise,” Salzman wrote in a brochure, per Forbes. Natalie, Raniere’s girlfriend, disagreed with her assessment. “I watched people undergo classes and talk about things that needs to be shared with an expert, not people who aren’t expert,” she stated of their ESP applications in an as-told-to interview with The Reduce.

Their relationship solidified in 1999, when Raniere and Natalie were concerned in a contentious chapter lawsuit over their failed enterprise, and Salzman took Raniere’s facet.

She’s a trained nurse and hypnotist.

When Raniere and Salzman first met, they bonded over their shared hobby: Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic programming, a method of fixing one other person’s ideas by way of communication methods. Salzman was a nurse and a trained hypnotist. Even earlier than NXIVM, Raniere was implementing hypnosis in his relationships: Natalie, Raniere’s ex-girlfriend, stated that Raniere hypnotized her out of a smoking behavior.

She was instructing NLP workshops at ConEdison, American Specific—very massive company shoppers. When she did a workshop at our firm, National health Network, Keith noticed what she may do to rapidly have interaction a gaggle of people, and her potential to hypnotize them,” Natalie, who ended up having classes with Salzman, advised The Reduce.

Cult expert Steve Hassan believes NXIVM’s affect over its members derives from using NLP and hypnosis. Speaking to, Hassan explained using hypnosis because it pertains to cults like NXIVM, not stage exhibits. “Hypnosis bypasses an individual’s aware potential to suppose critically. Hypnotic methods used by mind-controllers can do grave hurt. I’ve studied methods used by many cult leaders they usually all use variations of it,” Hassan says.

In an interview with Vice, Hassan elaborated on NXIVM’s use of NLP, particularly. “I’ve talked to quite a lot of ex-members now who talked about their first meetings with Keith—they have no reminiscence of what occurred. These are two or 4 hour meetings. As an expert who studied NLP, I believe that’s indicative of them being put right into a hypnotic trance state, and particularly given a suggestion that they’ll have no recollection of what was stated or achieved,” Hassan advised Vice.

Essentially, there’s a direct line between The Vow and that assembly at a health food store in 1997, when two hypnotists started planning NXIVM.

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