Miss Universe these are the Latin queens who will compete for the scepter of the most beautiful in the world

Miss Universe these are the Latin queens who will compete for the scepter of the most beautiful in the world

On January 14, the historic beauty pageant that brings together hundreds of countries, Miss Universe 2022, will take place. This time, 90 candidates will meet in New Orleans, United States, in an instance where they will be put to the test in an interview in depth, parades, round of questions and more.

The show will be broadcast on TNT at 10:00 p.m. (Chilean time) where the current winner from India, Harnaaz Sandhu , will crown the next Miss Universe at the end of the evening. She knows some of the candidates from Latin America.

Argentina: Barbara Cabrera

Barbara Cabrera took her passion for fashion to a way of life, because in addition to being a professional model, she also runs her own clothing brand that bears her name. She is an active collaborator of the Margarita Barrientos Foundation , where she helps women and children who have been victims of gender violence, providing them with security and the possibility of starting over.

Bolivia: Maria Camila Sanabria Pereyra

Maria Camila Sanabria has a degree in business administration and extensive experience in the commercial area. For her, the right to education is of utmost importance. Miss Bolivia has brought her help to children with autism and to share with families in homes, “The best legacy that people can leave in this world is the one that comes from the heart,” she says.

Brazil: Mia Mamede

Mia Mamede is a journalist who graduated from New York University and speaks five languages , a quality that has allowed her to become a prominent businesswoman, film producer and television presenter. Throughout her career, she has expressed her commitment to the common good, being an active spokesperson for the 2030 agenda and a volunteer teacher in Brazilian favelas , fighting against social injustice and discrimination.

Chile: Sofia Depassier

The Chilean candidate has sought to empower young women through her personal project, WomenAlert, addressing issues such as the right to bodily autonomy and the importance of mental health , an important aspect to reduce beauty stereotypes and deal with body dysmorphia. Sofia started the project of personal meaning called “Universo sin fronteras” , which seeks to guide young people and children once they move to another country , in order to combat the discrimination that she herself suffered until she was 10 years old as an immigrant in the United States .

Colombia: Maria Fernanda Aristizabal

The multifaceted “Mafer” is a model, influencer, journalist and motivational speaker. Throughout the competition, she has expressed her intention to raise awareness and make visible about water scarcity with #SOSAGUA. At the same time, she is dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities in Colombia with the hashtag #MakeEveryMomentWorthIt, receiving support from organizations like Smile Train and Best Buddies.

Costa Rica: Maria Fernanda Rodriguez avila

The representative of Costa Rica is a lover of languages, she recently graduated in Portuguese and continued with sign language, revealing her fight for inclusion, both in non-verbal languages ​​and socially. This is why she seeks to generate a change among the youngest, supporting her dreams through her own organization “Unbreakable Dreams”.

Dominican Republic: Andreina Martinez

Martinez has received numerous recognitions thanks to his determination and persistence. She was the winner of Google’s Pay it Forward , an award given by the company for her remarkable work in protecting immigrant communities marginalized by the system. The psychology graduate served as an intern at the Capitol in Washington DC; Working side by side with Senator Kristen Gillibrand , she found her calling and since then she has dedicated herself to protecting the rights of women in Latin America and the Caribbean together with The Women’s Equality Center .

Ecuador: Nayelhi Gonzalez

Thanks to the empathy and humanism instilled by her family as a child, Nayelhi Gonzalez became a licensed nurse and since then has devoted her energy to social work. She is currently working with young children in the Esmeralda province together with the Germinar Foundation , who collaborate with her personal project called Juventud Diamante. Gonzalez’s objective in this career is to expand her dedication to society by strengthening the self-esteem of Afro-descendant women, making history in modeling, as a woman from a working town.

Mexico: Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela

Humanity, empathy and respect for others are Miranda’s motivations to win the crown this 2023. This has been demonstrated by working hard with La Comuna, a non-profit organization and collaborating with the National Institute of Migration, seeking to defend the human rights regardless of nationality or race . Miss Mexico saw in the pageant the opportunity to learn about new cultures and continue to improve day by day.

Panama: Solaris Barba

The psychology student and candidate for the most important beauty pageant in the world, is also a young woman committed to social causes . He is currently part of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation team , an NGO that accompanies AIDS patients in different countries, at the same time he gives his help to the Smile Train Latin America Foundation and the SOS Albinos Panama Foundation, to protect children with albinism in towns natives of their country.

Paraguay: Lia Ashmore

“Living life to the fullest” is Ashmore’s motto. The graphic designer and marketing specialist wants to promote empathy and hope in society by working together with various organizations. After a personal experience linked to rejection and discrimination in her childhood, she decided to hold talks on self-acceptance and how to deal with bodyshaming , because for Miss Paraguay “a person can make a difference” .

Peru: Alessia Rovegno

The daughter of an artist mother and a businessman father, Rovegno received the best of both, managing to develop her skills 100%, standing out as a resilient and creative candidate. Her mission is to inspire and help others ; She thus joined organizations such as Bridges, Help Peru and the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Campaign. The multifaceted Miss Peru has also exploited her musical side together with her sister, performing in different parts of the country and receiving the affection of the people.

Puerto Rico: Ashley Carino

The candidate and aerospace engineer joined the pageant with her clear goals and that is that she hopes to become the first Miss Universe to reach space. Her commitment to her society has led her to work with adolescents and children with various mental health diagnoses, hoping to be a role model for them. Among her personal goals is to join NASA and specialize in rocket propulsion.

Uruguay: Carla Romero

Carla is barely 22 years old , however she already has a degree in business administration and extensive work experience in her area. At the same time, she actively collaborates in a project oriented towards mental health and helps people diagnosed with depression and anxiety , a decision she made based on her personal history. For Romero, the key to becoming a leader is education and attitude towards life.

Venezuela: Amanda Dudamel

The representative of the Caribbean country has extensive and successful knowledge in the international fashion industry. After living in eight different countries, Dudamel has specialized in design in Rome and in fashion sustainability at the London College of Fashion. As a result of the latter, the candidate seeks to promote social and ecological responsibility in terms of fashion through her own brand. She currently collaborates with the “A couple for a dream” foundation, in which she helps more than 800 children, giving them everything from medical attention to food.

United States: R’bonney Gabriel

The Filipino-American candidate has been the first to become Miss USA and to be published in Vogue Philippines . Since she was little, she showed a great interest in fashion and today she works as a designer, sewing instructor and model . In this way, she has found a way to contribute to the world from her expertise, creating sustainable fashion and giving sewing classes to women who have been victims of violence or human trafficking. Her work has been recognized by “Gucci Changemakers” and she looks forward to furthering her vocation of helping women and girls around the world.

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