Miss Universe Organization responds to alleged fraud to favor Miss USA

Miss Universe Organization responds to alleged fraud to favor Miss USA

The most recent edition of Miss Universe turned out to be very controversial, where the representative of the United States, R’Bonney Gabriel took the crown amid disagreements and rumors of fraud , and to deal with these accusations, the organization has already He came out to deny the rumors.

The Miss Universe organization not only denied allegations that the pageant was rigged to favor Miss USA, calling the claims “absurd.”

The organizers said the accusations were false, adding that they believe the claims detract from Gabriel’s claim to become the first Filipino American to be crowned Miss Universe. 

Amy Emmerich, executive director of Miss Universe, assured TMZ that the results of the competition were handled and verified by a major accounting firm: “One of the four largest accounting firms in the United States handled the results and verified the process.” .

“ The accusations about the manipulation of Miss Universe are false. People who say it is ‘suspicious’ that JKN Global Group owns both Miss Universe and Miss USA are not familiar with the organizations’ history.”

Emmerich added that Gabriel, a fashion designer, model and sewing instructor from Texas, was a “strong and dedicated contestant” that her win was legitimate : “False allegations of manipulation are absurd and distract from the incredible milestones our organization has achieved. and the delegates experienced this weekend”.

The controversy over Gabriel began since she became Miss USA as other contestants accused the Texas representative of receiving preferential treatment because she is Filipino and they wanted her to be the first to win the contest.

Gabriel denied the allegations against him at the time , saying that he would “never enter any contest or competition that I knew he would win.”

Lastly, Emmerich told TMZ yesterday that an independent law firm was hired to investigate allegations that the Miss USA pageant had been rigged in October and found the allegations to be unfounded.


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