Mexican actress explodes against Cristian de la Fuente and makes serious accusations

Mexican actress explodes against Cristian de la Fuente and makes serious accusations

Karyme Lozano, a widely known Mexican actress, promoted the first time concerning exactly how hard it was to collaborate with the Chilean Cristián de la Fuente in 2013 in the telenovela Quiero amarte, because both had a very poor connection.

In a meeting with Mara Patricia Castañeda, the actress mentioned that she was a target of bullying by the Chilean and assured that she wept each day because of the tight spot.

” I had never experienced intimidation in my life, never, I did not comprehend what it was as well as I did have a very hard time, to the point that I got home sobbing each day, I started to come to be an introvert, I desired that unique to end” Lozano said.

Karyme stated that after a number of months of having a very bad time, she confronted De la Fuente to stop him as well as quit the ill-treatment against him.

” In that other unique (Dreaming costs nothing) I was stunned, pleased and also the ego resembled that on the other side (Cristian de la Fuente); In this novel (I intend to enjoy you) I claimed: ‘I love you significantly, you are wed, I am married’ and every little thing was great, however suddenly assault after attack, after strike, to the point that I had the ability to talk at high levels, but I did not talk as plainly as I must have talked, I was not extremely details, I had never ever experienced anything such as this in my life, ever,” Karyme claimed.

According to the daytime drama celebrity Cristian de la Fuente, he spoke ill of her with some individuals to turn them against her: “She tried to turn actors against me, she never ever did well, yet she did shed me, individuals that really did not know me well much better involved question. All I’m stating is that God bless him.”

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