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Men in Kilts Preview: Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish Put on Their Dancing Shoes

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McTavish’s hips don’t lie in this exclusive sneak peek clip.

“I’ve seen you dance. You have rhythm, that’s for sure,” Heughan—who recently told that he did 90 percent of the driving throughout the show’s filming–deadpans, as he steers them through Scotland’s hills. That’s when we’re treated to a throwback moment from the early days of Outlander, in which a be-kilted McTavish broke into a finger-snapping dance onstage. It might not be a moves-like-Jagger situation, but it’s definitely better than Dougal MacKenzie could do.

Watch the sneak peek below, and don’t miss Men in Kilts this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Starz.

While we’ve still got quite the wait for Heughan’s other Starz series to return, he confirmed to OprahMag that Outlander season 6 is in production again.

“Yes! The update is that we have been updated, and we’ve started shooting. We’re in production at the moment,” Heughan said. “We’re getting there. Obviously, with all the COVID protocols, we’re making sure everyone is kept safe. It’s kinda tough with the weather in Scotland right now, as it’s winter! But we’re just happy to be back working, and everyone’s safe.”

The Droughtlander is real, but at least we’ve got five more Men in Kilts episodes (and infinite Netflix Outlander rewatches) to tide us over until then.


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