Meghan Markle rejected Queen Elizabeth II’s advice and preferred to follow her instincts

Meghan Markle rejected Queen Elizabeth II's advice and preferred to follow her instincts

Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry , the Duchess of Sussex was a well-known television actress in the United States, so she gave up her career to dedicate herself to the tasks of the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II understood that this transition is complex, so she made a recommendation.

Her Majesty advised Meghan to receive a mentorship from Sophie Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward, who enjoys much prestige within royalty for her work . But her good reputation isn’t the only reason the queen wanted her daughter-in-law to advise Harry’s wife.

Sophie Wessex also went from having a successful career to being a member of royalty. She comes from a middle-class family and she gained a lot of prestige after forming a public relations firm , but she abandoned her career after marrying Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son. The author and friend of royalty Gyles Brandreth narrates in his book ” Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait “, how Meghan rejected the offer of the queen.

“The queen (who, of course, had seen it all before) understood that Harry’s girl might find adjusting to royal life challenging. She is very cheerful, but you soon get used to it . To help Meghan, the Queen suggested that her daughter-in-law, Sophie Wessex, would be an ideal mentor . ‘Sophie can help show you the ropes,’” the author writes in his book.

However, the Duchess of Sussex preferred to be advised by Prince Harry, who has always been a member of royalty. Meghan made it clear that she didn’t feel like she needed Sophie’s help. She had Harry , ”added the writer.

While Meghan and Sophie were able to hang out at some official events , Harry’s wife didn’t listen to the wisdom the Countess of Wessex had to offer.

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