Meet the fan who fell in love with the vocalist of ‘La Banda Limon’

Meet the fan who fell in love with the vocalist of 'La Banda Limon'

The vocalist of La Banda El Limon, Ramon Maldonado (34) confirmed that the fan who kissed him in one of his discussions is already a sweetheart as well as presumes just how stunning the fortunate woman is. Through a TikTok video, the vocalist revealed his followers that a person currently inhabits his heart.

This romance in between the fan and also the singer began when the team went to the city of Los Angeles; While the vocalist was performing among his hits, he discovered a rather lady in the audience and he really did not be reluctant to come below the stage to sing in her ear, but after a few verses the lady didn’t think about it anymore and also offered him an enthusiastic kiss.

The fan did not believe that Ramon would look for her once again, up until the video clip of the kiss went viral. It was then that they identified her and also the interpreter of My Second Life contacted the girl who might not believe that fairy tales became a reality.

The vocalist of La Original Banda El Limon went back to Los Angeles to see the woman again and have their first date. After that meeting, the couple began a wonderful love that Valeria currently possesses on her socials media which has triggered an excellent experience, as it validates that fans’ dreams can happen.

After her romance, Valeria has more than 50,000 fans who admire her all the best, although there are others who do not believe anything about her romance, because, according to them, “it seems like a montage.”

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