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‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Michael Admits Jasmina’s Mom Is ‘Terrifying’

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Michael gets grilled by Jasmina’s mom in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Married At First Look.’ Jasmina’s mom doesn’t hesitate to advise Michael her concerns.

Michael sits down to comprise lunch with Jasmina, her mom, and her sister in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 26 episode of Married At First Look. It’s Michael and Jasmina’s first pleasurable day as husband and wife. Jasmina’s mom, Kimberly, admits she’s feeling “somewhat of more glad” in conjunction with your entire Married At First Look activity.

Michael sits down with Jasmina’s family. (Lifetime)

Nonetheless, Kimberly says she’s continuously going to be “cautious” in the case of her daughter. “Jasmina has viewed an instance of a wedding that’s a hit and one which has failed. She was once younger when she skilled divorce,” Kimberly explains to Michael.

Jasmina’s mom asks Michael about the examples of marriage he’s had in his lifestyles. Michael reveals that his mom and father had been by no draw married. He was once raised by his mom, grandmother, and aunts. “That’s pertaining to and it’s thrilling,” Kimberly says.

Michael desires to invent sure he has all of his bases lined, so he asks Kimberly about any various concerns she desires to discuss about. “To be elegant, it’s continuously been her [Jasmina’s] safety,” Kimberly tells Michael.

Michael is properly aware this wasn’t continuously going to be an effortless boulevard, but Jasmina’s mom is very intimidating. “My mom-in-law is frightening,” Michael admits. “I will factual peep it in her face. I will peep it in her eyes, which I realize. She’s handing her daughter off to a total stranger. I understand it’s going to grab some time, but I wish to point to to her that I am a expedient guy.”

Jasmina and Michael are undoubtedly one of many new ‘MAFS’ couples. (Lifetime)

Jasmina works as an early childhood education teacher. After failed relationships, Jasmina is ready to chilly down. Michael has been on all of the dating apps, but he hasn’t been ready to rep his soulmate. He wants a wife and a family, so he decided to ticket in for MAFS after a heart-to-heart with his sister. Will Jasmina and Michael pause collectively? Time will advise! Married At First Look season 14 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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