Maribel Guardia remembers Carmen Salinas, one year after her death, with a funny anecdote

Maribel Guardia remembers Carmen Salinas, one year after her death, with a funny anecdote

One year after the death of Carmen Salinas, her closest close friends went to the mass that the household of the late starlet organized in her honor. The spiritual occasion might not miss out on Maribel Guardia (63) who was a friend of the also producer and also shown to the press among the many anecdotes she has regarding her.

The Tica claimed that Carmen Salinas was always characterized as a pleased female, with a large heart, specifically extremely mindful not just to her friends, however additionally to the production individuals of the Aventurera play. “He intended to spoil me. We would certainly consume in the middle of the play, due to the fact that there were two efficiencies lasting three hrs”, Guardia remembered.

And also it is that as he explained, Carmelita, as she was called in the world of entertainment, did not get here with salad or roast meat: “She would place me a tamale (in the dressing area) as well as I would certainly say: ‘just how am I mosting likely to consume tamales if I need to dance?’ and she told me: ‘no mijita, you eat the tamale and feed me well'”.

The daytime soap star was likewise straightforward when she claimed that after making a really square meal, all she asked was not to return it in the middle of the show: “Already dance, I seemed like I was mosting likely to throw up,” she described.

This is simply one of the many anecdotes that Guardia has about Salinas, from whom he assures that he found out lots of tables from him:” Camen was my great musical theater teacher. After Aventurera I have not stopped doing musical theater, that play was a blessing for me due to the fact that collaborating with this fantastic woman on phase filled me with a great deal of learning”.

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