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Maren Morris Defends Mickey Guyton After Mean Comments About Super Bowl Gig: ‘You Are Loved’

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Maren Morris told friend Mickey Guyton she is ‘loved,’ sooner than reminding her fellow nation giant name that she’s performing on one of the most greatest phases of her profession.

Maren Morris is the friend you’d opt to your nook. The 31-yr-frail nation giant name posted a loving message of strengthen for friend Mickey Guyton, 38, after the fellow singer published she used to be receiving injurious messages about her upcoming Super Bowl performance relating to her dawdle.

“@mickeyguyton it is probably going you’ll maybe well be loved and participating in the damn SUPER BOWL this week,” Maren applauded Mickey in an Instagram story shared on Tuesday. Feb. 9, the effect she re-shared Mickey’s normal submit. “Pondering of my chums who’re hanging out so worthy correct no topic the on a customary foundation barrage of abuse and death threats resplendent for them existing and looking out out for to coloration their nook of the field prettier. Stick with it,” she added.

Maren Morris defended friend Mickey Guyton. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock/ Lift Latour/Shutterstock)

Earlier in the day, the “Dim Treasure Me” singer shared the wicked message written about her by an Instagram troll. “This is Mickey Guyton, Country Song’s resident sad girl. I resplendent heard she used to be singing the nationwide anthem on the Super Bowl,” the particular person wrote. “Why? On myth of she’s sad and he or she’s female. No assorted reason. What I derive so funny about this girl is that in most up-to-date years, the nation song enterprise has started trotting her available in public so they’ll order howdy we’re no longer all white,” they said, also asserting that Mickey is “no longer known for her song.”

Particularly, the Arlington, Texas native made her debut encourage in 2015 with song “Better Than You Left Me” which hit No. 34 on the US Country Airplay chart. She also obtained a nomination from the Academy of Country Song Awards for the music. In 2020, Mickey took issues to the following level with “Dim Treasure Me,” ensuing in her first-ever GRAMMY nomination in the Most efficient Country Solo Efficiency category.

In her submit sharing the troll message, Mickey shared she sees “mentions” take care of that one on a “on a customary foundation foundation.” She added,  “It by no attain stops. Nonetheless wager what. I’m in a position to also no longer ever pause.”

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