Ludwika Paleta’s ex-husband exposes that he was a victim of harassment and that the director made him cry

Ludwika Paleta's ex-husband exposes that he was a victim of harassment and that the director made him cry

Despite the fact that sexual harassment of women is the order of the day not only in Mexico however in several Latin American countries, males are not saved from enduring this type of hostility, as was introduced by the star Plutarco Haza., that recently disclosed what he suffered a couple of years back.

It remained in a meeting he had with the media that Ludwika Paleta’s ex-husband stated that a couple of years ago he experienced a very difficult situation that left him sobbing and that led him to really feel a great deal of empathy for the victims of unwanted sexual advances.

I likewise experienced harassment from a spreading director and a movie director at the time, certainly one for being a guy. Haza started to state.

“I am from the north and clearly I was not mosting likely to go across that line and you do not feel as defenseless as a woman can really feel prior to a guy physically, however obviously it is just as humiliating and dreadful, “stated the star.

Nicolas Haza’s papa confessed that the director who intimidated him has actually currently died, however that this scenario harmed him a whole lot, considering that he admired him really much.

“He was a director that I admired a lot so the reality is that’s why it harmed me so much due to the fact that the truth was that I was very excited and I was really young and the other casting director, the truth was not also … as if he intended to flirt with me, he quoted me For a job point in his department, he made me some enchiladas and told me that he was in love with me and certainly he had not been so aggressive. I had the ability to flee in a much more polite and elegant way and then he really did not call me once more for casting, but additionally it is harassment, “admitted Plutarco Haza.

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