Lucero explains her connection to Brazil and how she spoke, sang and acted in Portuguese

Lucero explains her connection to Brazil and how she spoke, sang and acted in Portuguese

When Lucero (53) was just 13 years of ages, she made a triumphant entry right into the world of daytime soap with her part in Chispita. The production achieved such a large success that it led her to see Brazil for the first time. On that particular trip, a love at first sight was birthed that explains the reason why the artist sings, acts and dialogues with her followers of her on her socials media in excellent Portuguese.

In a recent chapter of the Lucero space, a lot to tell, that the vocalist carries YouTube, the Cuéntame interpreter had an endearing conversation with Brazilian followers. In her de ella space de ella, she informed that the first time she checked out Rio de Janeiro, concerning a thousand people were waiting on her at the airport terminal, a memory of her that had a profound effect on her de ella.

From that moment on, the starlet forged a strong connection with Brazil that peaked in 2016, when she traveled to that nation to videotape a turnaround of Carita de Ángel (Carinha de Anjo, in Portuguese), for which she needed to find out exactly how to speak Portuguese flawlessly. Something that she has actually continued to implement over time. An example of this is one of his latest musical releases by her De ella, La Cama, along with the Brazilian artist Bruno E Marrone, has a variation in the official language of Brazil.

The singer claimed that “speaking Portuguese” as well as “singing in Portuguese” are things that “I would certainly never ever have actually visualized.” And that it is a real “desire come true”. Although initially things for Mijares’ ex-wife were not so straightforward. In a conversation with People en español, the musician spoke about the needs to discover to talk Portuguese as well as come to be the initial Mexican artist to lead a job in Brazil.

“Finally talking, improvising, acting and singing in your mother tongue is currently an accomplishment. Currently doing it in Portuguese has been rather an obstacle”, she discussed as she faced the vital difficulty. “Fortunately I have an excellent memory and also my musical ear aids me to discover languages and that has actually helped me a whole lot. I do not deny that it has actually been a wonderful initiative, “she added happily.


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After filming the successful telenovela, Lucero did not go back to work in Brazil, yet she continued to implement all that she had actually learned from her Portuguese educator. On his Twitter account, he supports the Brazilian soccer team in that language, he also promotes reruns of his biggest television hits on Rio de Janeiro screens and routinely talks with his followers in the language that brought him so much fulfillment, and in which he tape-recorded his last daytime drama to date.

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