LOONA’s Hyunjin Disagrees With The Group’s Announced Comeback

LOONA's Hyunjin Disagrees With The Group's Announced Comeback

The information that LOONA will certainly be making their return soon in January 2023 with new record product continued to inspire responses, as some versions maintain that the BlockBerry Creative (BBC) label wants to make it appear that whatever remains in order after the series of rumors. that the group has experienced.

Chuu’s expulsion, which disabled the LOONA fandom, as well as the decision of 9 of the 11 members to suspend their agreements with the tag, makes orbits question just how actual the group’s next comeback is.

Hyunjin, among the band members, has actually reacted to some messages on the fan system “Fab”, where followers declare that there should be no “comeback” and want her to be released from the group.

The dialogue that was established with the members was as follows. No bbc! I want you were cost-free,” the fan expressed.

The foregoing remains in enhancement to one more magazine that the musician made on the same platform, in which she was surprised by the news of the “comeback”. “I much better calm my mind with yoga exercise,” stated the artist. The analyses of the fans is that the artist was not aware of the information of her return.

Whatever indicates that LOONA’s circumstance with the BBC has not been on great terms. Followers have claimed on social media that there are times when groups videotape lots of songs and the label determines which one will be launched first without the band agreeing or recognizing.

For the moment, it remains to be anticipated that the BBC will certainly disclose the conceptual teasers for the return, along with the list of tracks, the major solitary, the images of each member, to name a few aspects of a go back to the stage. Only then will certainly the orbits count on the veracity of this return, since every person is hesitant on social media networks as well as far more after Hyunjin’s statements.

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