Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband was the first to help her, reveals 911 call

Lisa Marie Presley's ex-husband was the first to help her, reveals 911 call

New antecedents have come to light since the death of Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter and heiress of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. On January 12, the death of the artist was confirmed, who left this world at the age of 54 after two cardiac arrests.

From the West Hills Hospital and Medical Center located in the city of Los Angeles, California, they confirmed that the pop rock singer died of brain death, after her family decided to sign the “do not resuscitate” order .

Since his death, multiple antecedents have been around about the reason for his death, since Presley’s life was marked
by times of addictions, turbulent love affairs and deep sorrows left by the suicide of his only son Benjamin Keough . Precisely the disappearance of the young man was a determining factor that turned off the singer, because she was not the same after her loss.

Now, the New York Post has released the chilling recording of the 911 call by her housekeeper, who alerted the medical staff to what had happened and guided them to keep her alive until the arrival of the officials at the home.

During the brief call, the domestic worker, with a nervous tone, tries to give the directions to the home to the
paramedics. However, emotions did not allow her to communicate properly and she was interrupted by a man, who is presumed to be her ex-husband, Danny Keough , who takes control of the situation and tries to give instructions for the ambulance to arrive at whatever place.

“Sir, listen. The paramedics are already on their way. The code they need to get in there?” The paramedic answered on the other end of the phone.

“No, there’s a security gate in the neighborhood, but they’ll just let you through,” the actor replies. “How far are they?” he adds with a more concerned tone.

Although it is not known how long it took for medical personnel to arrive, reports indicate that Keough performed CPR on Lisa Marie during the wait, in an attempt to keep her alive . However, her body did not resist the second episode.


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