Lety Calderon reveals details of her ex-husband’s infidelity with Yadhira Carrillo

Lety Calderon reveals details of her ex-husband's infidelity with Yadhira Carrillo

Since Leticia Calderon divorced Juan Collado, the version was handled that the lawyer had been unfaithful to the actress Yadhira Carrillo and despite the fact that she has always denied it, the green-eyed woman brought to light again this situation.

It was during a recent meeting with the press that Lety Calderon reported that Carrillo was the third in contention in her marriage and that she even has messages that would prove it.

“They told her the story wrong, but it is a topic that I do not want to discuss, we have already discussed it a hundred billion times, time has proved me right and the evidence is there, conversations ,” said the mother of the children. sons of collado

Lety Calderon recounted that her husband at the time and the soap opera villain were seen at the actress’s house,  and that Collado was lying to her as he told her that he was in meetings with politicians.

“I knew his house where he lived before. They gave me a version, that it was a house to see politicians, that finally it was a house where they could see each other there, but hey, I knew that house. I designed the house where they live, I have the plans , ”said Lety Calderon.

Finally, Lety Calderon assured that despite the fact that she got into her marriage, she has always been educated with Yadhira Carrillo and has even instilled in her children respect for her father’s new wife.

“We have been to family events, we have been to my mother-in-law’s house, when my father-in-law died. There is education and I will always greet her with respect , my children too (greet her), they like her or they don’t like her,” Calderon said.

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