Lety Calderon is enraged and answers a serious accusation against her

Lety Calderon is enraged and answers a serious accusation against her

A few days ago, Lety Calderon (54) triggered a great deal of conflict by stating that she felt tranquil considering that she had her will certainly made. Although that a number of her fans supported her, a fan of hers reproached her for the origin of that cash, connecting her to her ex-husband Juan Collado that remains in jail.

After the starlet proclaimed on the Venga La Alegria program that she already had the circulation of her possessions all set, one of her followers mentioned that her lot of money could be ill-gotten, given that the papa of her youngsters Juan Collado is apprehended for procedures with resources of prohibited beginning.

” I think that the ill-gotten cash of Juan Collado has a whole lot to be investigated in this will. Andorra, Caja Libertad, and so on “, was read in the comment that triggered the annoyance of the actress.

Faced with this vicious statement, Leticia Calderón did not hesitate to address in a forceful however extremely polite means, clearing up that her cash is the item of her work: “Not mine,” along with a kissing emoji.


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Faced with this criticism, the starlet’s followers decided to defend her and reveal their support: “She is clear and also she has not a problem talking about the bad or good that her spouse has actually done”, “If Lety made a will, it was as a result of exactly how clearly she shared when she made the information public, not since the father of her kids remains in jail for fees that relate to simply that, cash”, “She has actually always functioned”, “Leticia Calderon is only safeguarding her household, something that perhaps is various with Yadhira Carrillo, however in the end that represents judge the matching institutions and not us.

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