Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel took out their malevolent side against Lucia Mendez

Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel took out their malevolent side against Lucia Mendez

The Siempre Reinas program came to be a definite success on Netflix, particularly because of the friction in between the members of the reality program, therefore, some of the individuals were visitors on the YouTube program Pinky Promise, where they made some risque jokes concerning Lucia Mendez (67 ), who did not attend the abovementioned program.


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Lorena Herrera, Laura Zapata (66) as well as Sylvia Pasquel (72) were spoken with by Karla Diaz and also the villains of the daytime soap did not maintain anything about their previous program companion. Thalia’s sibling promptly replied no when Karla asked them if there was a script in the fact show.

“No, no, there are no manuscripts right here, every person is as they are, the female, the queen and her scenarios as well as her behavior in such situations, that she can shed the title of queen,” claimed the daytime drama villain.

At Zapata’s action, Pasquel began to laugh complicitly, for which the JNS member responded “Which, incidentally, is not here”, to which Laura responded actually “Who?”, referring to Lucia Mendez.

“He is cooking with the 28-year-old. Do you believe he would include us if he has someone to cook with?” Silvia Pinal’s child claimed entertained. For her component, Lorena Herrera limited herself to smiling as well as returning to the main style:” It must be cleared up that it is not a series, as many individuals say or assume, it is a reality program, and also as a reality program there are no discussions (…) everybody it is as it is”.

Karla wanted to ask the guests about the fourth individual in the program, they declined, stating that they did not desire to give her a score. “Oh no, we are only going to speak about three, we are three queens, why provide it a ranking”, Laura and Sylvia responded.

“For me it was very difficult to deal with such a wild person, so responsive, who placed on all the sacks,” included the villain of Maria Mercedes. Throughout the whole program, the starlets continued with their comments regarding Lucia, but Lorena constantly stayed on the sidelines and even acted as moderator.

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