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‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Mocks John Cena’s “Weird” Apology To China

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver tackled the topic of Taiwan on Sunday night which made for the perfect opportunity to mock John Cena.

Cena apologized to China in May after stating Taiwan is the first country to be able to watch F9 while being interviewed by a Taiwanese outlet about the action film’s upcoming release.

Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China, even though it’s “an independently operating entity with its own democratically elected leaders, armed forces and constitution is actually part of China and not a separate country.”

“Every part of that is so weird,” host Oliver said after playing the actor’s apology video. “It’s weird John Cena apologized to China. It’s weird he did it for calling Taiwan a country. And it’s weird to see him do it in pretty decent Mandarin. That’s just too many weird things.”

Cena counts with a large fanbase in China and has been learning Mandarin for years. The apology video was posted to China’s version of Twitter known as Weibo.

The actor’s apology can be viewed in full below.

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